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    Great video i like it,
  3. SsrcalMxXwHwJRJ

    This video gives me life,
  4. SsrcalMxXwHwJRJ

    There stockings not pantyhose nice clip tho,
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  9. Circa Survive "LP6" Discussion

    So...new album dropped when the board was down, what is everyone's opinion? This album is a perfect mix of everything they've done in the past...I hear so much influence of every album in certain parts. Relates to the growth of not only the band but myself over these 14 years. Each Circa album has been on a steady decline in my liking (not to say I didn't enjoy any of them) as they come out, but this album is wayyyyyy better then Descensus. Some negative notes - I feel Will didn't do Anthony's vocals justice...way too behind in the mix of instruments. Maybe that was the point, to let the other members shine, but I do not like it. A lot of tracks I have no idea what Anthony is saying, and being able to belt his lyrics has always been a favorite part of Circa for me. The Amulet, although a good track on its own, has to be their weakest closing track to date. Just doesn't give me the feels or complete the album like others have. I also feel the tracks don't hold up well live. They're coming in June, hope hearing it then changes my mind. Can't wait! Standout tracks: Lustration, Premonition of the Hex, Tunnel Vision, Rites of Investiture, Flesh and Bone Edit after concert: Tracks were fucking amazing live, haha.
  10. Glad this forum is back!

    Been checking this thing from time to time for a year now....glad it's back. Lot's of information/inside stuff here.
  11. Circa Survive "LP6" Discussion

    woah circaboard is back
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