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Board Guidelines

These guidelines were set up as a way for you to know what the board is all about.  Over the past few years this board has grown into such a great community where everybody has generally come to respect one another even through our differences.  The band has recognized what great fans you all are and we would like to keep this positive energy going.  So with that here are some basic guidelines for you to follow:

1.  Be respectful of the band and each other.
3.  Race/culture humor is one thing - flat out racism is another.  Please try to understand the difference.  
4.  Please don't post pictures from pornographic/disgusting websites (we are not goatse).
5.  Please search before starting a new topic - there's a chance that we are already talking about it.
6.  Please no nudity.
7.  Multiple accounts made for spamming/humor will be deleted and the offending member will be suspended.

Of course these are all grey-line areas and that's why we have mods.  I fully trust that the team of mods we have here are all open-minded and will work with all of you to make this YOUR board.  We try hard to let you guys talk about whatever you want but once in a while something is going to come up that we will have to close or delete.

If you have any concerns, suggestions, praises or complaints please let someone from the mod/admin team know - we will always listen to you guys.