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Casey Anthony - Anthony Green & Casey Crescenzo's Collaboration Project

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Posted 06 May 2012 - 05:18 PM

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Casey Anthony
(The Anthony Green & Casey Crescenzo Project)

Anthony Green via Twitter . 05.02.2012
Nick Vavro‏@nick_vavro: @AnthonyGreen - Do you ever jam with @CaseyCrescenzo ? I would love to hear you guys record a song or two

anthony green‏@AnthonyGreen: @nick_vavro @caseycrescenzo - yeah we are working on some stuff now. He is such a talented musician and great dude.

Anthony Green: Pop Break Interview . (02.10.2012)
PB: I heard a bunch of different rumors about new projects coming out. I heard you were in talks with Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter about doing a new project...
AG: The Casey project is something we’re working on, but I don’t know when it’s coming out.

Anthony Green: El Paso Inc. Interview . Late January 2012
"Yeah, right now we're working on a side project that I think we're gonna call Casey Anthony. There's no better name for this project, I don't think," Green said. "I think that it's unfortunate that that girl that killed her baby - or didn't kill her baby, or whatever - her name was Casey Anthony but ... You know, we have to call this project that. It sucks, but we have to. No one asked us. The gods came down and said, ‘Listen, this chick just killed her baby you need to spin it in a positive way.' And that's the best we can do and we're working on that."

Anthony Green: Keeyahtay Lewis Interview . 10.23.2011
"and Casey from 'The Dear Hunter' and I are working on a project that we'd like to get out, at least an ep or something, by next year"

View PostBílly, on 21 October 2011 - 02:16 PM, said:

I don't know if I mentioned this anywhere, but some kid in Boulder asked Anthony about a collaboration between him and Casey Crescenzo, and Anthony said they are working on something. He continued to say, "you probably won't like it, it's really fucking weird".

Anthony Green: Twitter . 07.14.2011 10:16 AM
anthony green‏@AnthonyGreen:
@CaseyCrescenzo - lets call our project casey anthony

Anthony Green: Review Rinse Repeat Interview . 01.19.2011
Shawn@RRR: Obviously Circa remains your main focus for the time being, but once your current obligations with Circa are up, do you plan on going out on tour in support of Beautiful Things?

Anthony Green: Yeah. I’d like to put a little more time touring behind the release, rather than Avalon where I didn’t do that much. I think I want to spend a little more time with the solo stuff. There are a couple of other projects I’m working on too, that I’m trying to find time to work on. Me and Casey from The Dear Hunter have been talking a lot about putting some stuff together. He’s really busy and I’m really busy, but we’ve had this dream about putting stuff together. There’s other stuff I can’t even say because I don’t want to fuck it up.

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