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  1. Circa Survive May 22nd at the Electric Factory

    Show was sooooo effing good. wow Their new songs sound so damn good live. Can't wait to see them headline so I can see more songs!
  2. Blue Sky Noise [Board Skin]

  3. Blue Sky Noise [Board Skin]

    Do we have anyone who is good with CSS and can do some of the smaller fixes while we wait? If anyone wants to help out, PM me!
  4. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    really digging "through the desert alone"
  5. Blue Sky Noise [Board Skin]

    haha ok, will do that too
  6. Blue Sky Noise [Board Skin]

    Cool good suggestions so far guys. We'll get to working on it soon Someone had messaged me asking to make new buttons and graphics so we'll be working on that stuff too. Side note, when EDITING a post, you can't really see the buttons on the bottom. i.e. See attached image ALSO, the "New Post" screen needs some help, the white BG doesn't seem right. (see attachment)
  7. Blue Sky Noise [Board Skin]

    Live now, please realize we still have work to do on it. Any ideas, post them in here!
  8. Get Out Or Imaginary Enemy

    Get Out is better imo.
  9. Blue Sky Noise [Board Skin]

    Should be going live winthin a few days. We are working on a few last touch ups. When it goes live, we will still have some work to do but it will be really close
  10. New Website

    I've been here. Been in the background trying to make updates :P
  11. Which CircaBoard "Skin" Do You Use?

    any of you guys good with CSS?
  12. The Poll Section

    Some of you have asked that we don't have a separate Polls section anymore and that Polls are allowed elsewhere. Keep in mind that the Polls used to be allowed in all sections but people asked that we move them into a separate forum because Polls would be created and stay on the top page for a few days then disappear. This would cause people to create a similar poll a few weeks later, people would say a poll like this already exists, and a mod would have to delete it or merge it - and you can't really merge polls because the choices can be different.... This is initially why they were moved into a separate section. Well, how do you want it now?
  13. Anthony 2009 Holiday Shows

    I'll be at the World Cafe Live show.
  14. Anthony 2009 Holiday Shows

    link Anthony Green has announced 4 holiday shows. He will be playing a hometown Philly show (with special guests) as well as 3 Southern California dates with Good Old War. Shows are all ages. Tickets go on sale this week. See dates and show posters below for more details. Dec 23 - @ World Cafe - Philadelphia, PA Dec 28 - @ Glasshouse - Pomona, CA Dec 29 - @ The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA Dec 30 - @ Soma Side Stage - San Diego, CA
  15. OLG Pins/Buttons - Would You Buy One?

    I personally don't see a problem if you are throwing 3 in for $1. That's reasonable to me because you clearly aren't making any money on it. It's up to them though. I'll try to ask someone.