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  1. Saosin

    I saw that Anthony was hanging out with Wip so I was like "hmmmmm maybe vocals for Saosin?" lol
  2. Saosin

    well balls, I was hoping this was gonna be a post about some new material coming out.
  3. Saosin

    I caught it. I enjoyed him. A lot of people just wanted Anthony to come out. It gets kind of annoying hearing people say shit like that.
  4. Saosin

    I honestly hope they do something. It seems really promising.
  5. Saosin

    I'd be down for a meetup.
  6. Saosin

    hahahahah...girl was out there.
  7. Saosin

    I wish I would have noticed the merch
  8. Saosin

    They didn't have any that i noticed. The show was basically a last minute type thing.
  9. Saosin

    i thought she was naked under that thing.
  10. Saosin

    I want that show to happen again and again....forever here are the photos. These were the only keepers sadly. http://www.geneedgarphoto.com/saosin-ft-anthony-green.html
  11. Saosin

    I'm working on editing the photos now. With no legit photo pit I had a very very very tough time getting shots. Once I finish editing and uploading them to my webpage I'll post a link.
  12. Saosin

    They could have played 7 years forever and I would have been ok with it....lol
  13. Saosin

    Set list for those who are interested
  14. Saosin

    I tweeted anthony...he folllowed me, and has yet to say anything. Not sure if I'll find out in time. lol
  15. Saosin

    Was trying to find other ways of getting a photo pass for the show at the Union Transfer...but I decided to Tweet anthony....Now I sit back and wait. Edit: I bought a ticket anyways...Whos all going to the Philly show?