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  1. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    I would gladly travel to see Blacklisted open for Circa. Make this happen boys.
  2. CB Mix Tape - March 2010

    I vote theme, explanation, public submission, private link submission.
  3. Circa Survive & Anthony Green: Vinyl Discography

    Well, I'm going to just go best offer, both of them starting at $40 then. This board gets first dibs for sure, PM me. If I don't get anything within the week, I'm moving to deadformat and VC.
  4. Circa Survive & Anthony Green: Vinyl Discography

    I'm thinking about selling both of my picture discs. Do you think I could get $180 for both total? PM, I'm going to play favorites though.
  5. I hope you fall asleep like, three songs in, and when you wake up the FBI's at your door for violations of the copyright laws for downloading music. Then you don't get to hear all of it for like, ever. Okay that was a little mean? I LOVE that.
  6. Chicken Noodle Soup Fork vs Spoon

    ohhhhhh FUCK!

    Depends. But my left hand is monstrous with the women. It's those guitar playing fingers.
  8. Do you mean the first time we listen to it? Whilst having sex. For sure.
  9. Circa Survive & Anthony Green: Vinyl Discography

    The Always Open Mouth has band members' phone numbers etched onto it lol.
  10. Alkaline Trio, Ft Lauderdale, March 23rd/Circa

    ALK3. Saw them like two years ago, really fun live show.
  11. Chicken Noodle Soup Fork vs Spoon

    Spoon, always for soup.
  12. Circa Survive & Anthony Green: Vinyl Discography

    I'll be honest, I wouldn't be mad at all if I just had some DAMN MONEY.