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  1. Circa song that had the greatest impact on you

    your friends are gone....because for the most part they are....
  2. Seasons change

    autumn then winter....gotta love bundling up and shit....
  3. Custom Circa Art/Design/Media

    i just made this:
  4. Circa Survive Aol Sessions

    44% ftw...
  5. Circa Survive Aol Sessions

    i looked at ss's myspace and it looks like they have a lot of ppl voting which pisses me off....*votes nonstop again*
  6. Circa Survive Aol Sessions

    time for me to start voting eh?
  7. Circa Survive Aol Sessions

    wow i can't believe they came back that much....*votes nonstop*
  8. Saosin

    wow...thats pretty damn funny
  9. Saosin

    i really liked saosin a lot before the lp....bury your head was the first song i had ever heard by them and i loved it and i eventually stumbled upon the rest of ttn and it was amazing...and that made me so hyped for the lp yet i was really dissapointed....and then i kinda found circa and thats pretty much all i listen to now....yet i still wanna see saosin in concert just because they seem like really cool dudes...with all that said, saosin has unfornuately gone downhill
  10. Circa Survive - On Letting Go

    i voted living together....but it was such a tough ass choice between that, carry us away and kicking your crosses down
  11. Circa Survive "On Letting Go" Discussion

    got mine today, pretty dope....kinda wish i woulda got it autographed instead of the shirt....but o well
  12. School

    lucky, i have 2 more weeks
  13. School

    im a junior....and i fucking hate school
  14. Pre Ordering?

    cd+shirt for me...