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    I don't like to be held by others. I have a finicky tummy and I'm nocturnal. I have two friends named Tofu and Ebby. I live in my cage most of the time thats at home. I love to run on my running wheel and eat newspapers.

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  1. Cheese Its or Goldfish?

    neither. I just don't like the taste after eating them but if either of these two were my last snacks I'd go with Goldfish.
  2. ALIENS@!!!

    I said yes to both and this just one resource. http://www.space.com/top10_alienencounters_debunked.html
  3. Shouldn't this thread just be with this. http://circaboard.com/index.php?showtopic=3727 I didn't see a purpose for having a whole new thread for the same topic we've been covering.
  4. Nick Beard Appreciation Thread

    Theres already an appreciation thread for Nick. Someone should just merge this into it. http://circaboard.com/index.php?showtopic=...t=0&start=0
  5. Pictures with the circa dudes!

    November 10th. Glasshouse. I had no clue Brendan made that kind of face expression. It looks like I was going to rape him or something.
  6. PAST TOUR: Anthony Green Solo Dates - 12/26/07 - 12/20/07

    I wish he came over the west coast but I guess not.
  7. Glasshouse

    I'll have pictures from the show up soon. I was just fixing up some of them. Check back for my flickr link.
  8. Anthony Green's Tattoos

    we've already discussed this in the Circa photos thread. I need to find the page. EDIT: http://circaboard.com/index.php?showtopic=2379&st=80 please refer to pages 6 and further on.
  9. Favorite Day Of The Week

    I picked Saturday. I was born on Sunday, but I ;icked Saturday because I have Fridays off from school and I can stay up Fridays night and sleep in on Saturdays. Saturdays are really easy going for me.
  10. Glasshouse

    and meeting the boardies.
  11. Mayan Theatre 11/8

    I just want to know, what was in that hot dog? Because you are making no sense to me whatsoever. From sounds of it you got to meet someone, there were hot dogs involved, perhaps a little too much drinking and a really good night.
  12. I'm just laughing at how the guy on far right has seemed to pick up some good moves from Circa. At around 2:13, watch the vocalist dance move.
  13. New Contest

    congrats Lloyd. It is one of the best coming home presents. You deserved it dude.
  14. Circa Survive Photos

    It's so creative and a unique idea, but it gives me the creeps. what's the deal with Colin's eyes in this picture?