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  1. Congratulations Anthony Green!

    Looking forward to the Green family band in about 10 years! Pure magic right!
  2. Sumerian looks like a perfect fit, absolutely. And Equal Vision has been going down the toilet IMO since Circa left. Long time ago now
  3. Got some tickets for Showbox Seattle. Me and 2 fellow associates (refined gentlemen) will be attending and if your and old time boardy I'd love to meet up with ya! Lemme know.
  4. How much have you listened to Circa?

    Naysayers, half emptiers, negative nancies, GTFO.
  5. How much have you listened to Circa?

    OMG I LOVE circa survive. Id like to THANK them everytime i see them for doing what they do, its a community fucking service. Anyways ive been listening since winter 2005 and and have seen them live 4 times. First time was in a really shitty small venue in Wenatchee WA which i have reminisced with Nick and Steve about before, i was hooked after that show. Say Anything was supposed to open for them but instead Emanuel played a bunch which was cool. basically i have listened to CS more than any other modern age band.
  6. I've noticed the producer has the biggest effect on the outcome of a record. (some will debate this)...... I would like to see a self produced album. I know it's harder for a band to meet the demand of the consumer without the help of a producer, but just saying it would be extraordinary for me as a long time Circa listener to see what they can come up with. now i understand that they do write most of the music but how much of the song is tweaked by the producer? What are your thoughts?
  7. Morning People

    cool this thread can now be your new band thread! We recycle at circaboard lol.
  8. Acoustic/vocal cover

    i like the passion.
  9. Nov 10 Seattle

    im a sinner i didnt make it to this show, i had to work early yesterday morning couldnt get it off. And its a 2 hour drive to seattle from here.... excuses.......
  10. MySpace Transmissions Session

    pure qaulity, love this! Anthony sounds better than ive ever heard him.
  11. Nov 10 Seattle

    I just listened to the Myspace Transmissions, wow. Totally pumped for this show, im going to bring some more circa virgins.
  12. Circa Survive . European Tour w/ Middle Class Rut

    yeah im sure the label really wants to expand the listener base for obvious reasons. But hey im sure its some pretty badass adventuresome touring that circa will use to fuel the furnace.
  13. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    I still only see progression. The mere fact they have an instrumental track on BSN is a huge step forward IMO. I also agree about the feeling of some songs getting rushed through. Its just the tones and the 'wall of sound' is so luscious you almost want them to just hang there alot longer. Every album is a unique thing thats unique.... plus i dont care what ANY of you think you know, From the last 5 years Anthony's voice has went from pretty shakey live, to about a 7.75/10 compared to album quality. Which is hard to do considering the prolonged extreme octave exposure aka PEOE, that he has to master.
  14. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    i tend to play out records, so im being careful with this one and going to listen in a week or so.