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  1. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    The idea of TSOAF always intrigues me, but when it comes down to the product itself it doesn't really work for me. The only one I sort of liked was the extended Tiger and the Duke and even that was mostly for the remixes at the back end of the cd. Skullflower - Sorcerer's Mix is badass.
  2. December 21, 2012

    All foretellings are a load of bs. Lazy Mayans.
  3. Seasons change

    Winter really needs to be abolished. Colossal pain in the ass. Spring and autumn ftw.
  4. Meat

    Steak. And lots of it.
  5. Sodipop,

    (Green) Vault, with Dr. Pepper in a very close 2nd. And yeah, drinking mouthwash > any root beer.
  6. Was a tough call for me as Juturna opened the doors to Circa Survive and thus is given extra nostalgic value, but I just enjoyed OLG more as a whole. Love them both, one slightly more.
  7. Which do you like best

    PB cups, Chicago (biased), Pepperoni. Tough call between PB cups and Snickers though.
  8. Favorite Ice Cream

    Oberweis. Damned expensive, but good. Then again I haven't tried the majority of what's been listed, in the poll and otherwise.
  9. Which do you like best

    Oranges, BK, Dr. Pepper
  10. Target vs Walmart

    Target. Marginally less soul crushing.
  11. Circa Survive - On Letting Go

    Damnit, why has my own vote been phantom tallied? *sigh*
  12. And if you have many supposed "favorites," uh, choose your most favorite of the bunch :P. Yes, it's hard, but really quite possible. I've got a rough idea where alot of people seem to stand from other random threads, but why not make it official? As for myself: Your Friends Are Gone. I've listened to that song a ridiculous amount of times.
  13. Circa Survive "On Letting Go" Discussion

    Finally starting to warm up to that song myself....somewhat.
  14. Circa Survive "On Letting Go" Discussion

    That won't make me feel any better. Slapping others, on the other hand...
  15. What is your most anticipated album of 2007?

    P.tM for sure (assuming that Circa is/was not an option)