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  1. Xbox 360 VS. Wii VS. PS3

    Which one do you think is better? I'm looking to buy one of them soon and just wanted to see some peoples reviews on them.
  2. Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    both are terrible IMO ftw!?!
  3. Which do you like best

    watermelon arby's (no water option)
  4. December 21, 2012

    were screwed
  5. Phone Service

    at&t, been using them as long as i can remember
  6. Drugs and You

    still smoke marijuana still smoke cigarettes taken acid 12 or 13 times drink about 3-4 times a week taken ecstacy about 4 times eaten mushrooms probably 16 times 1 xanax endless amount of adderol <- makes you go fast if you don't have A.D.D. thats all i can think of
  7. Lawrence, Kansas. Nov 18th.

    ill be there for sure, ill be the one rockin a tie dye shirt =]
  8. Seasons change

    spring and autumn, only time when its not ridiculously hot or ridiculously cold where I am.
  9. "On Letting Go" Speedpainting

    wonder how long it took the guy to actually make all that. did a really good job with it.