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  1. Anthony Green

    Last I heard was that its still just an idea for a project. But if that would work out ohhhh you know it'd be great.
  2. Aw thanks for posting the video! Looks like the show was nice and kinda small. The part where anthony wanted to dedicate it to his wife was cute. How SWEET!
  3. This Day Forward

    Yaaaay!! Love the TDF ... What's your favorite song? Mine's Fragile Version.
  4. Psychic Babble "Demos" Discussion

    how awesome would it be if he did an art/music show? I'd def make the trip to come see that.
  5. D00dz N00dz

    Yea, thats some steep competition
  6. in bed

    No doubt. when its cold i love a good sweater, socks, fuzzy blankets, boyfriend, kitty combo in the bed. Oh! and if i have my laptop in the bed for a lil bit then it gets em nice and warm. mmmmm YAY!! ima go do that right meow:)))
  7. Anthony Green Appreciation thread

    Awwww! Was that from a Saosin show?
  8. Happy Birthday Anthony Green!

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you like Chocolate Cake
  9. Morning People

    Well, yea but its not morning now. Usually am up at about 6am everyday since I have class at 8am. Morning ritual includes some form of metal and coffee to get myself out of the house. Depending on where I'm comin from there might be a cig thrown in.
  10. Looks like some are gettin the Third Album Jitters. Here's hoping. Seems like the third album for his previous band- Taken- was also their last. I know that the two bands are different entities, with different band dynamics but...maybe there's something to this lunacy. Either way, their next one is gonna be good, or at least fun. so far it seems like they are having fun experimenting with shit like The Dentist and Gnihtemosotnisihtnrutll’ewebyam.
  11. Sweet I'll go sheck it out. Thanks!
  12. THats something I can defnintely relate to. I frequently re-listen or re-read interviews to see if i missed anything or if there are any new ways to interpret what they talk about. They seem like people who share my perspective on a lot of issues and that makes me like the band even more. I'd call it a vicious cycle but its completely the opposite cause there's no down side...although it is feeding an obsession...
  13. Newer acoustic version? Where's it at?
  14. Nevermind, found a copy of his audition in mp3 format here: Cove's Audition Tape It's "Mookie's Last Christmas"