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  1. hey thanks guys, the support means a lot. been getting a lot of youtube hate and i haven't even been there for 5 days. heh
  2. god, after a year of everyone telling him to record an album, he's finally doing it. i'm so pleased that slowdive cover sounds divine... i feel spoiled
  3. Appendage EP

    just ordered mine. got the doylestown sun t-shirt. i'm such a bitch for this band.
  4. Preferred CD Packaging

    my jewel cases always get fucked up and scratched and shit. it's the reason i typically don't cds. they don't look nice for too long. digipacks wtf. i like the way some band make theirs fold out for miles. or like, put cool shit in them because the cardboard is more malleable to hold things. like, last night. i was playing with the 'spectral decoder' on the casadaga decoder there's writing all over it. it's sick. artists who do digipaks just seem to be more creative with their shit
  5. Morning People

    FUCKING ALWAYS, DUDE. whether it's 3am or 9am. i'm the cheeriest fucker ever. almost annoyingly so, probably.

    voted. looks like shit's gonna be unanimous.
  7. Facial Hair

    depends if it suits them. and if it's healthy lookin'. i have seen too much nasty/sparse facial hair. and teen staches. just... no. but i like me some hearty beard.
  8. Blue Sky Noise . Preorder

    yep, i got TWO pre-order packages today. both lithographless (at the moment, from what i've deduced)... shirt is comfy, vinyl is nice (though a little scuffed, but i won't be playing it), and the bag is good for knowledge. lols. now the real question is who wants a package of the following: - vinyl - LP - Shirt (Medium, which is odd. i never order mediums, the shirt in the pre-order package that i consider 'mine' is a small. woot) - messenger bag - likely lithograph that has not arrived yet. i'll be willing to pay shipping to get rid of this thing, pay me through paypal or money order. 53 dollars and something cents. message for details? kind of reluctant to blame atlantic for the error. i DID order it twice. only, once it was on a pre-paid, which i was certain got cancelled because of insufficient funds (lols they kept charging me randomly and eventually crossed out the command) and then i used my father's. which i thought i ordered once. wat but i definately don't order medium t-shirts.
  9. Blue Sky Noise . Preorder

    mine is not here yet
  10. circa survive: shockhound session

    fuck yeah. this is so good... anthony vocals have come a long way since those awful AOL sessions they did a long time ago, oh man.
  11. Blue Sky Noise . Preorder

    yep, ordered deluxe maybe a few days before march ended. got my email this morning. atlantic sucks, bro. sweet. i will keep that in mind.
  12. Blue Sky Noise . Preorder

    i got TWO confirmation emails... i'm a little freaked out that the card got charged twice... they have different order confirmation numbers, and different prices, one being 78.62 and the other, 85.98 with the same credit card... wut uh-oh... (i guess if worse comes to worst and i DO get two of them... i'll just sell the contents of the other somehow...) but wtf man. not cool
  13. Blue Sky Noise . Preorder

    d'you think the pre-order will actually come in on 4/20 for me? considering i live in canada and all. everything i've ever pre-ordered came in like a week late felt like i was the last one to listen to the ocean and the sun.
  14. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    don't worry. i was so tired when i came in on the night of the 12th, that i didn't stay up and listen. i just passed out. listened to it on tuesday night for the first time. and i probably got it run through only three times as of late. doesn't make us any less of fans. i mean, whether you like the album or not, i just like to digest stuff slowly, might be that way for other people too. don't want to overdose and get sick of it, y'know? we have plenty of time to let this thing get like 100 play counts. lol
  15. Happy Birthday Anthony Green!

    happy birthday anthony! have fun with all those repetitive wall posts.