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  1. Emery's '...In Shallow Seas We Sail'

    Well - let's hear it...?
  2. Quick Question Thread

    Original High & Driving Who were the ORIGINAL members of the High & Driving works? Curious.
  3. How did you discover Circa Survive?

    The first time I'd heard Circa Survive I was sitting in my friends' lake house on vacation with the weather seemingly attempting to keep me inside the whole time... Constant rain, constant thunderstorms, the sun would peak out and be followed closely by more clouds which seemed to laugh at us... Dreary. I actually debated going home but as I was on the computer I clicked on Purevolume I think and somehow they popped up - I don't recall the specifics. All I know is that In Fear and Faith came on and from that point on... I was sold.
  4. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    I'm glad to hear that comment directly from a member - I understand where your coming from now. I do hope my remarks weren't misinterpreted, I in no way doubted the outcome. Just one of those faint thoughts that sometime come to mind. Best of luck of course.
  5. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    I must admit, though never taking an active role in the CircaBoard, I've been following CS since the beginning with IS, Juturna and even through the course of OLG - but my point is... OLG has ran it's course. Respecting the band of course, I continue to be patient, however it's noticeably been a different process that Circa is taking regarding this album... While the album may (and hopefully) be a great addition to the prior albums, I definitely am reluctant to accept the fact that Circa has been so, 'slow' (for lack of a better word) with updates and the album. Numerous interviews show both Anthony and Beard or the like talking about how hard it is to fully orchestrate an album with so many new ideas coming from so many different directions (i.e. Anthony now playing guitar, Colin's own musical expansion, etc.) however my major concern I'm sure stems from one thing: I feel like Circa might be either forcing this album... or maybe just forcing the idea of the album. Know what I mean? Juturna was phenomenal and largely influenced by a the idea of ESOTSM... Now Circa seems reluctant to say anything because they don't... know anything about what's going on.