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  1. Exercise

    Preacher curls and bench press have their place, but they isolate too much and pretty much only work "glamor muscles" to make you look beefy. Dumbbells are much better because they'll work a full range of muscles and wont leave you with huge biceps and weak ass arms. The added balance resistance is also super beneficial.
  2. Exercise

    I work out every day. Strength training every day but Sunday. Cardio every day but Saturday, combination of biking, running and movement drills. I try to focus more on getting to collapse point on my runs, and more to building leg muscle on biking days but try to get a good steady hard breath going. Movement drills consist of squats, lunges, sprints, high knees, high jumping, karaokes and shit like that. Ab workouts aren't going to do anything about your beer belly, proper diet and cardio will help get rid of it. Strength training will help you lose body fat, but you can't really focus where you are going to lose that weight. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn on a daily basis at rest, but diet is definitely key. Sorry to say, but alcoholic beverages are probably going to have to be cut from your diet. It sucks, I know, I was starting to get a beer belly a bit ago and had to give up alcohol completely for a few months to get rid of it even with my exercise routine. It's a sad truth, but cutting down on alcohol consumption will contribute greatly to your overall health and workout gains. Keep up those ab workouts though, because once you lose that fat you'll have a tighter stomach which is pretty sweeeeet. The extra muscle you'll have will also help to keep the fat off and the core strength will be valuable to you in climbing as well. I usually try to combine, V ups, crunches, decline sit ups, leg lifts off a pullup bar, leg lifts laying on my back, leg tuck and twists, holding a half situp, rowers, and planks as my ab workout. If you have a buddy, you can have them stand up and you put your head between their feet and hold their ankles with your hands, then pull your legs up and have them throw your legs down to the ground repeatedly in different directions and try to keep them from hitting the ground and raising them back up. You should also consider oblique workouts, that will help you out in that area as well.
  3. The bet of the century

    You can have a cum shot, right in your eye.
  4. The bet of the century

    Lets meet up skylar, I'm going to beat your ass. I'm over 7 feet if you were wondering.
  5. The bet of the century

    Everyone loses when violence is involved.