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  1. Saosin - Along The Shadow

    I like to think of this album as a "mature" Translating the Name. 9/10. I hope AG keeps making music with both of these bands, I so much appreciate the raw energy he brings to each band while keeping them so unique and Chris, Alex, and Beau still got it. Don't get me wrong, Cove was great, but this is the first true Saosin LP.. Also I think it's ironic that it's been 7 years since the last album.
  2. Playing with Justin and Beau.
  3. Saosin

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK8QlS6_wdc playing with Sao.
  4. why are the transitions between songs still not smooth?
  5. transitions dont seem to be smooth though..
  6. just started downloading, 378MB of fucking beauty.
  7. blaaah, i need this album with a high bitrate (or vinyl) before i can fully enjoy it.
  8. i have to say i do like the little jam at the end of brother song and i'll find a way. it's pretty cool. this album actually is pretty good, can't wait to hear it in full quality though.
  9. i just don't understand why i'm not feeling this record as much.
  10. hahaha I say read them and get even more pumped. but not to make anyone mad, I'll still spiler my oppinion.
  11. I could never tell the difference from a nicely encoded 192kbps to a 320kbps, even with some nice headphones. Although 128kbps is pretty shitty. haha. EDIT: but if this is the leak from last night on thinkindie, it's actually just 96kbps and someone re-encoded it thinking they could add quality. If it's from somewhere else then it might be legit 192kbps.
  12. now i wanna knooooow... ):
  13. Sharp Practice is now on the Violent Waves Tour EP. Dont know if anyone else posted this yet.
  14. Suitcase was a good song. Sharp Practice sounds amazing though. Like maybe it's just me, but I like the fact that anthony's screaming again, even if only for this song. It's not as atmospheric as suitcase, like others said: just pure rock. So good.
  15. i agree he still sounds great, and his high notes are still there. I'm sure this album will be wonderful, i just think his high range gave them something new and unique. but that was years ago haha.