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    I'm a Music Education major at Umass Dartmouth with a Classical Voice Focus.<br /><br />I am quite partial to Singing, playing guitar, music in general, some video games (I have Xbox Live, ask me about it sometime), blahblahblah<br /><br />I Love Music

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  1. Circa Survive - Appendage EP: 12" Vinyl

    just got my copy, all i did was go to newbury comics and ask them to ship a copy to me. pretty ballin! just got my copy, all i did was go to newbury comics and ask them to ship a copy to me. pretty ballin!
  2. Anthony Green . East Coast Shows

    Any idea when tix are gonna be available?! I'm so freakin excited for providence!
  3. Creature Club

    I'm trying to see the usb content section of the creature club and i keep typing in what I am positive to be my password and it keeps coming up as incorrect. i even changed my password using the password that it said was incorrect... anyone else having this problem?
  4. nothing, it's just two vinyls this time with new album art. EDIT: plus you can download appendage
  5. Esao Andrews - Prints/Album Art/Tour Posters

    yea, but 90 bucks is still 90 bucks, it sucks spending that much at one time
  6. Esao Andrews - Prints/Album Art/Tour Posters

    i really want to buy one of these, but i wonder if he'll release a print of the new blue sky noise art. the one with the horse. I think September said it was called "drifters". I would much rather have that
  7. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    i kinda agree with this, but i would say keep spirit of the stairwell. May not be my favorite song on the cd, but i think it definitely needed to be there.
  8. Xbox 360 VS. Wii VS. PS3

    this i personally prefer the 360 though. PS3 specification wise is definitely better, but i really prefer the game choice on the 360
  9. Circa Survive - Fall Headlining Tour

    didn't get to see ya Show was amazing though. Almost didn't get on stage to sing spirit of the stairwell, but someone vouched for me so all was well
  10. Circa Survive - Fall Headlining Tour

    I'm going fo sho
  11. Circa Survive w/ Anberlin & Foxy Shazam

    so stoked for Anberlin. very odd that they're touring with circa though. And I have to agree with ya batman... Foxy Shazam is... mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
  12. Circa Survive - Fall Headlining Tour

    holy shit...
  13. Creature Club

    damn that's lame. Oh well, it's just a soundcheck anyways.
  14. Creature Club

    where did it say you can't? I've been wondering this for a while now.