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  1. Title Fight kinda upset me because A) the sound was really bad, way too much treble, and B.) they should have played more older stuff!!!
  2. i gotta see if im working on the 11th so i can go to the NYC show. Tera Melos is such a sick band.
  3. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    I just got the e-mail saying that they were shipped, so I'm guessing everyone else is getting theirs too.
  4. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    September, I got an email from MerchNow the day they were supposed to ship (I forgot I ordered them and I was confused when I got it haha), but it says....
  5. Age?

    i think someone voted tho
  6. The Sound of Animals Fighting

  7. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    i don't have anyone's numbers anymore so i'll just have to find everyone based on remembering what you all looked like.
  8. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    I'm going to the NYC show and I think Chelsea is too and I don't know if any other (former) boardies in the area are going.
  9. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    I must go. I wonder if they'll sell stuff on vinyl?
  10. i still don't know if i should pick this up on vinyl. has a lot of great artists on it.
  11. I don't like Janes Addiction because the last time I saw them they were all doped up on a bunch of different drugs, and it was terrible.
  12. I think this is a cool compilation featuring a lot of different genres.
  13. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    I find it interesting that WIll Yip is recording because he's done so many punk albums with artists from No Sleep and Run For Cover this year already. He picks his artists well, as far as genres.
  14. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Damn Dylan you got some tiny feet, then again I remember meeting you that one time, and you're short. (That was a killer night in NYC!) Sorry dude, if only they were a size 10-11! Best of luck to you and Justine, though, I hear you're moving to St. Louis?