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  1. [REQ] States - Waiting For Too Long ft. Anthony Green tabs Tab

    HOW DID YOU FIGURE THAT OUT? Seriously, thats amazing. Tell me your secrets. Please?
  2. [REQ] States - Waiting For Too Long ft. Anthony Green tabs Tab

    Bumping for similar interest in learning this song.
  3. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    I agree with this statement.Your stories never end, our time is left suspended I’ll never feel it mend, so why won’t you let me in… this time? What'll will bring you back to life What'll will bring you back I wanna bring you back
  4. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    I'll never feel it mend.
  5. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    Favorite part of Blood From A Stone I'm guilty of just skipping to this part. http://youtu.be/V79UdLI-Ldw?t=2m33s Does anyone know the lyrics to this song?
  6. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    Juturna>Violent Waves=On Letting Go>Blue Sky Noise Slightly disappointing that they're still obsessed with Zeitgeist and conspiracy theory's but this album is simply gorgeous. The lottery is fucking amazing, but honestly I just skip to the middle of the song so I can get to crying faster. Come at me.
  7. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    Think Of Me When They Sound is my favorite. So many feels.
  8. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    I'm so glad this sounds more like OLG and less like BSN. They're getting closer to their roots. I love it!
  9. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    Amazing. Glad the foreign chant didn't make it.
  10. Circa Survive "Juturna" Discussion

    If only they replicated this process for the next album, I hate BSN riffs. I'm all for spaced out notes, feels good man.
  11. The Great Golden Baby (Acoustic version)

    Holy crap that is beautiful, please someone tab it!
  12. Happy Birthday Colin Frangicetto!

    Happy Birthday Colin Frangicetto! Thank you for all the awesome guitar tracks!
  13. Circa Survive on Jimmy Fallon

    Ya'll need to do a synchronized mooning while they are playing. It will get Circa alot of publicity. And it would be the sex.
  14. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    Anyone else wish they would just release the original Get Out video? I can't be that bad, right?
  15. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    I mean, its nice and all but I'm not really a fan of the guitar solos, but that's just my opinion. I also miss the space Juturna has, that BSN was looking for.