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  1. Anyone selling 2-3 tickets for the San Diego date?
  2. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    Decensus and Sovereign Circle are probably two of my favorite songs from anything they've ever released, I really dig them. As a whole, it's an okay album.
  3. It takes a big man to admit he was using while around his kids, especially in an interview.
  4. I thought this to but they are having more shows so I guess he doesn't want to be alone haha. This and maybe his relationship with Meredith( and his boys), some friends or the band was rocky because of his addiction. Colin did say the band almost broke up so maybe the last lyric "we mustn't let this die" does refer to Circa Survive.
  5. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Where do they sell this?
  6. After reading that huffington post interview, I believe Sovereign Circle is about AG's addiction. Sovereign(heroin) and he also mentions living in servitude, a slave to the drug perhaps. "We can't forgive ourselves" In the interview he said he felt like his family would be better off with him dead.
  7. Wow. What an interview. Fucking insane that he was using while raising his boys and no one knew about it.
  8. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    "Jaruta" lmao That 3rd guy...jesus. Do some research. He says Circa has been around for 20-25 years lol.
  9. Circa Survive - Descensus

    Soverign Circle is money. I gave it an 8 as well.
  10. That bugs me so much. I don't know why. Do they change the lyrics last minute or what?
  11. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    Am I the only one that thinks the lyrics in the booklet to "sovereign circle" are different from the actual song?
  12. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    Completely agree. That was the first song I listened to because of all the rave it got from some of the users on the board. I'm going to do some HW and listen to the album in its entirety again.
  13. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    I don't know how I feel about the album. I only like Schema, Phantom, Only the Sun and Sovereign Circles so far. I'm not really feeling the rest yet. Sovereign Circles though...the last time a CS song gave me chills like this was Your Friends Are Gone from OLG.
  14. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    Sovereign Circles....my god. So fucking good.