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  1. Steve Clifford Appreciation Thread

    Its called a Cajon, an Afro Cuban percussion instrument. I think the one he is using is made by Meinl, but LP makes them as well. Meinl is pretty legit so check it out.
  2. Circa Survive "Demos & Unreleased Material" Discussion

    hellll yeah it is! i love it
  3. Circa Survive w/ Anberlin & Foxy Shazam

    anyone goin to the show at Pops tomorrow??
  4. Creature Club

    has it been confirmed that Creatures will gain entrance to the soundchecks on this next tour??
  5. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    I was listening to Appendages in my car this morning on my way to school, and when the last couple of minutes was playing, I got major shivers on my whole body. It was such a powerful feeling. Crazy what music does to me/us
  6. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    The part in Lazarus where he talks about how lucky and lonely he's been sounds so profound to me. Such a great song I love everything about it. Kinda reminds me of Pink Floyd for the beginning.
  7. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    someone put this up on youtubs, and i couldn't help but listen to Backmask. So damn good, I cant wait for mine to come in the mail
  8. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    that is a Cajon my friend, which is latin american for box. I want to get one of these so I can be cool like Steve
  9. The Official "Request Circa Survive Files" Thread

    is this video lagging with anyone else? I tried watching it but the lag was terrible
  10. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    this song is so great, and I agree with Anthony in the interview when he said this song would have stuck out like a sore thumb because of it's optimistic and happy sound and lyrics. So good
  11. $1,125 is the new price. im happy to see that the money is going to invisible children
  12. Creature Club

    creature club has been really sweet so far. I've chilled with steve and beard and the rest of the guys at the show (and another date coming up) and the USB is badass too. I recommend buying a membership if you love Circa
  13. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    what moments sound like shit? elaborate if you will