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  1. damn.. beautiful all around. Anthony is starting to use his falsetto more, prob dude to his vocal rang lowering a little bit naturally.
  2. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    awake in a dream?
  3. Circa Survive "LP6" Discussion

    I hope they get psychedelic as ever on this one.
  4. Circa Survive "LP6" Discussion

    yeah that ring out is very circa vibes and tones lol circa is def. embracing their Alternate rock influences lately
  5. this is ridiculous may be better than Juturna release. YES
  6. Circa Survive "LP6" Discussion

    anthony in LA * i was there* said circa next year... so its cemented for sure. There's also a pic.. either on Brendans IG or Wills *if it's still up* that is a text between the two discussion a song.. and how brendan doesn't like 4/4 cause its lame lol
  7. This was an awesome interview.
  8. i'm so mad. I went to that Tom's store.. and missed anthony's set by about 5 mins. Anthony, brendan and the Good Ol' war boys were just chillin after tho.. which was really cool.
  9. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    i was creeping and saw Colin refered to being in philly mid october for awhile when replying to a friend wanting to hang out.. so, i'm going to assume they will return to the studio this fall/winter
  10. Saosin

    love it.
  11. Circa Survive . 2016 Shows

    I know that will be crazy and cool to see. My lady friend got me a ticket to see anthony in LA two days later after this festival haha. I might just end up getting a hotel and going to the fest and then anthony on that monday. I saw him on that Taste of Chaos tour, saosin sounds good live.
  12. Circa Survive . 2016 Shows

    going to this one.
  13. I'm going to the one in LA @ Teragram if anyone wants to say whats up
  14. i love how AG features his wife in his solo stuff.. this cover/art piece is amazing.
  15. yep. As someone who is struggling to get a record complete wit ha good pal.. a lot of writing is done solo. I have zero doubt Brendan and Colin are working on riff ideas as we speak on their own accord. I hope they return to their OLG like mode and write some weird stuff.. decensus was a great rock album. It's sad that they are all living in their own little worlds in a way lol i'm used to the old days of getting more updates from their house..but i think anthony is at a great place lyrically and vocally that i think the next album will be their best one to date.
  16. circa not till late year by the soonest it seems like.. sad face.
  17. Saosin "Along The Shadow" | Discussion

    i like the album. It's less commercial as their previous efforts with Cove, they will prob lose some of their fans and gain some of their old translating the name fans back wi th this effort. obviously due to AG. One of the songs sounds like it could be on The Used shallow believer EP.. which is ironic due to the connections between those bands.
  18. i love the vibe of The stutter says a lot.. i feel like it could be in a late teens type of movie but a cool one lol
  19. Saosin "Along The Shadow" | Discussion

    Won't be able to stream until 4:00PST it appears *based on a tweet from pandora response*
  20. i wish this was on Decensus.
  21. Saosin "Along The Shadow" | Discussion

    i Think Will is a great producer - not sure if he helped record any of saosin's album, but i noticed his production on VW and DEC was very clean and I miss the dirty juturna production haha. And Anthony's voice has def changed. It's not as pure angelic highs if you will, its a little bit more edgy.. only natural
  22. will be b-side of decensus.
  23. Saosin "Along The Shadow" | Discussion

    Justin playing in The Used combined with a not so concrete future for Saosin.. Anthony will always put Circa first... tensions arose naturally.
  24. i've been emailing brendan about buying his = http://www.sommatone.com/roaring-20-40.html min, price seems to be 2,000$. ugggh lol