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  1. Circa Survive - Live DVD

    I've seen them about 20 times. I know what their live shows are like. I don't need to buy a DVD of their live show when I can buy a ticket to see it in person. So ew urself.
  2. Congratulations Anthony Green!

    too cute. I want to have a family like that. Is it just me, or does anyone else hope that they keep trying for a little girl?
  3. Circa Survive - Live DVD

    If someone put this on youtube, I'd definitely watch it. But I'm not going to buy it. And hi everyone!
  4. such a cool project! thanks for bringing it to our attention! i'll make sure to post this on the facebook page
  5. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Shit that rules! I need it!
  6. Yes! I'll be there! Did not bother with the VIP ticket though. I can't believe The Menzingers were added. I am crazy excited! Let's all meet! I've met with Pat in Philadelphia for the Union Transfer record release shows. He's a great host. When my friends ask who I go to these shows with (because not all of my friends are into all of the bands I like or they don't really like going to shows) and I tell them "oh my friend so-and-so" and they follow that up with "Oh, how do you know so-and-so?". My answer is "the internet" and they give me these wild looks. I have gotten to know these people over the course of the past few years. Facebook has made the transitions easier and I have exchanged numbers with a few people. The people here are so fucking amazing. Maryland date IS a festival. I know a guy that helped book the show and he said that Circa & MTB are the headliners. They will be playing full sets. Not sure who will be closing the festival although they think it will most likely be Circa.
  7. Creature Club

    they intend on creating a new club some time in the future. I'll keep on Nick to get it done! I know how much everyone loved it
  8. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    No, that's done. They want to start another "fan appreciation" sort of membership in the future but I don't believe that will come together before this tour begins
  9. Circa Survive . Upcoming Shows

    Damn, they did a good job at keeping that under wraps. College shows are nearly always private for students/staff/alumni anyway. Isn't this the second time they've played TCNJ within the past couple of years?
  10. Getting Deeper Into Their Songs...

    we just closed this case. good work team.
  11. Getting Deeper Into Their Songs...

    first of all, welcome to the board! I moved this from the Serious Topics & Discussions sub-forum to the All Things Circa sub-forum. Not because I'm an ass but because we like to keep things tidy and organized around here to the best of our abilities. The mods are little mommies and daddies running around cleaning up after their children. Anyway, I think you raise a very interesting topic of discussion and I'm sure we can all give you unbiased opinions of what we believe their stance may be. Religion, particularly for the non-religious (myself included), do not love to discuss the topic of God and faith. If you were to ask any of the dudes what their positions are, they may choose to not discuss it with you. Spirituality is very private to me and I tend to internalize it so it's not something I speak freely about. It would appear that in Anthony's lyrics there exists some strife with "God". But, he could use God as a metaphor for other things. But I'll agree that even in songs like Kicking Your Crosses Down, it clearly appears that he has an issue with religion for one reason or another. Maybe it is the institution itself, maybe it's more personal. I think we can all relate that our parents raised us to worship a God or multiple Gods. Some continue in that path, others go in a different direction. Some feel betrayed or lead on, others just don't care. It's how they were raised and they were doing the only thing they knew how. His reasons are his reasons but I wouldn't call them "anti-religion". There are many beautiful things about religion that none of us can deny and it has brought good into this world. I think there are many that feel that the radically religious have caused a lot of hurt and harm and continue to do so. The band is anti-hate and they are extremely pacifistic, but not anti-religion. For me, if I were to listen to a band that was very religious (ie: Mewithoutyou), it would only impact the way I appreciate and support their music based on how they "practice what they preach" or so to speak. Mewithoutyou is a fantastic band that has never made me feel threatened or offended by their beliefs. Others like For Today, for example, is a band I would never be able to support, even if I remotely enjoyed their music. To try to put myself in your position, I would tell you that this band has ONLY promoted love and acceptance and freedom to be who you are. The reason why Anthony does not typically discuss the meaning behind his lyrics is because he wants you to feel your own connection and find your own meaning. The songs don't have to be about God or religion. They can be about whatever is going on in your life and I think that's really special that he gives his fans the creative freedom in his music.
  12. For NYC/NJ folk, if you do not want to drive, Huntington is easily accessible by train. Take your regular line to Penn and take the LIRR to Huntington (you can take the Huntington line or the Port Jefferson line). There is a shuttle bus that will pick you up from the station and drop you off at the venue. Huntington is also one of the coolest and most city-like towns on Long Island. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, bakeries, etc to pass the time.
  13. Circa Survive . Upcoming Shows

    There was a time when Anthony was a last minute addition to a solo Kevin Devine show in California and I was beyond pissed that this happened so far away from home. Now that they are playing this idobi festival together and I have a friend who lives in DC, I think I will be making the trip.
  14. you win, sir but I also win because i don't have to go into manhattan for this.