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  1. List of tabs I want

    I would really like to learn Glass Arrows right now. How do you guys write in notepad? I thought that was impossible for me
  2. List of tabs I want

    I saw some on Ultimate-Guitar and Songsterr, but I didn't see any for the tunes I wanted to learn ...Let me rephrase it. I saw some, but there is more I want to learn that isn't up there.
  3. List of tabs I want

    I figure most of their songs are in Eb/D# standard. I wanted to see if anyone wanted to work on one song at a time and throw ideas back and forth to come up with accurate tabs using Guitar Pro or something like that. I'd like to play some of these.
  4. Gamers in Circa Survive

    Mine is Aeonis...haven't played in a while though I have been sucking it up
  5. Circa Survive Equipment

    Not sure how late I am on this, but I'm about 90% sure I saw a couple of Boss Giga Delays in there!
  6. Quick Question Thread

    Question about Lyrical Content What is it about water? I'm not great at analyzing lyrics, but I have heard a lot of stuff about water and frozen water with Circa's lyrics. Also, I don't know if it's okay to bring up or not, but did someone have a miscarriage? I don't follow much news and some of this is tragic. With that being said, I've not heard many people put such wonderful music to something like this.