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  1. Quick Question Thread

    found it. It was "thinking is heavily endorsed" i guess it wasnt from a book lol thank you so much
  2. Quick Question Thread

    Im trying to find a quote circa had on their myspace headline many century's ago. I think it was from a book but i cant remember which one. Does anyone remember this quote?
  3. be a homie and send it to batman!
  4. same! if anyone can reupload a high resolution of OLG it would be AWSOME
  5. if you can re upload that, it would be so awesome >< been trying to find a high quality of OLG forever
  6. glass arrows bass cover :)

    enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ2bdYaC438...feature=related
  7. Anthony Green - Merch

    if anyone has the old tour hoodie, id gladly buy it off your hands lookin for either a large or extra large
  8. Living Together Acoustic

    this is so good... props
  9. Custom Circa Art/Design/Media

    was gona allign it with some black construction paper but w/e haha
  10. Circa Survive - Merch

    well since you spent 45$ does 50 sounds good? and in a medium or large would be amazing.. :D
  11. Circa Survive - Merch

    anyone that doesnt want their pullover... i will buy it :D i actually perfer them over zip ups