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  1. Fever Dream Chords

    I think i figured out teh chords that make up teh intro/verse/etc. This is all i have so far. Does it sound right to anyone? Some parts I'm not sure of, but any criticism is welcome. intro:Am Am Sinking into my awareness E G Realizing what's been done C I've taken a life and mine for granted D Neither planned or in passion Am Riddled with guilt and crazy panic E G My body tells my mind to run C Into the forest towards the mother D Though I've destroyed her favorite son Am G E C D All the things I should have done x2
  2. Fever Dreams

    Can anyone tab this out?
  3. Strange Terrain

    This sounds good to me I tried to cover it based on this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5DZIViTJpU