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  1. I just got my email today for the show on Sunday in Philly that I have to be there at 5:30 for meet and greet. Very relieved to have gotten that and even more excited. I've never met any of the guys before.
  2. I have a VIP ticket for the 14th, but I was wondering what the deal is with it too. Have you heard anything since thi a post?
  3. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    On my second listen now and I gotta say I love this album. It grooves so hard and it's great. Not a single weak track in my eyes. Early favorites are "Schema," "Nesting Dolls," "Phantom," and "Descensus."
  4. I dunno, looks like a lot of those scene metalcore bands on Sumerian, but I get that the label has to pay their bills.
  5. For anybody that's ever done VIP for Circa before, what time should I show up at the venue? The doors are at 7 and the show is at 8. Would the VIP stuff take place during the hour of 6-7, or from 7-8?
  6. Got tickets for both Philly dates: regular for night one, VIP for night two. Am excited. Plus, Pianos are fucking great.
  7. Circa Survive - Live DVD

    Wonder why they aren't. That's a big bummer because "Dyed In The Wool" and "Lazarus" are great songs, plus the b-sides would have been really cool to see.
  8. That makes me really incredibly excited to see them this Saturday for the first time in over two years.
  9. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    Love the 5/4 beat to it and that end is intense.
  10. Saosin

    Those people are the worst. I'm a big fan of Geoff (and Thursday, but never got to see them) so I was curious if I missed anything I hadn't heard before. Sadly, it seems that I did.
  11. Saosin

    Did anybody here get to the Philly show early enough to see Geoff Rickly? I was super bummed to have missed him due to hitting so much traffic and was wondering what his setlist was (setlist.fm does not have it) if anyone knows it.
  12. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    I feel like Juturna and, to a lesser extent, OLG have always had their most interesting songwriting, but BSN and VW are far more concise to me and I find myself listening to those songs and albums more than their first two. I love the progression this band has made from album to album. They've never taken huge strides (save for my the jump from OLG to BSN), but they've kept things fresh on every album so far and that's what keeps me coming back. It's funny that some fans didn't like that BSN had pop/alt-rock tracks like I Felt Free and Dyed In The Wool when a song just like them (Stare Like You'll Stay) was actually written during the days of OLG and Travel Hymn isn't too far off from the sound that those aforementioned songs maintain. More power to the band for writing what they want to write. As it should be. I'm interested in seeing what the band does next year though with Juturna's 10-year anniversary coming up. Every time I've seen them, Juturna songs have comprised of decent sizable portion (and sometimes the majority) of the setlist. Obviously they don't dislike the album and rather just don't want to re-create it. However, with Anthony saying "What's dead is dead," it makes me wonder if they'd rather not tour on it next year or something like that. Or maybe they just haven't even thought about Juturna turning ten and have been focusing entirely on LP5 and Saosin and such, which is fine with me too. Just food for thought!
  13. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    It's not really news, but I always enjoy seeing Will Yip tweet something in regards to the upcoming album. - https://twitter.com/willyipmusic/status/471832928909934592
  14. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    I'm really excited for this. I talked with Steve over Twitter back during summer 2012 about drums (because I'm also a drummer) and he told me that he feels just as passionate about playing keyboards/synth stuff. I think Battle, My Love is really good, so I'm really looking forward to some electronic flourishes on this album.
  15. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    There's also this from Steve - https://twitter.com/...492095254208512 Also, judging from the board, it seems that Anthony is either done or just about done vocals. At this rate, I'd guess tracking would be done by mid-June, actually. This is just my prediction, but with mixing left, then all the manufacturing and other physical productions needed after all the studio work, I'd guess we'll be getting the album in September.