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  1. Circa Survive "Juturna Deluxe" Discussion

    It's exciting that regardless of which variant you get, you still seem to get the download card with everything on it. Also, I agree, having Suspending Disbelief on there will be amazing. I know this crosses over to tour talk a little, but I wonder if them including that song on the album suggests that they might play it in that spot on tour.
  2. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Damn, now I'm wishing we had a Juturna/Vheissu tour haha. I agree though, I foresee a lot of money being spent soon. A repress wouldn't surprise me either.
  3. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Agreed, I have definitely loved all the videos Jamie Tanner has done for them. Hadn't considered that Circa might announce some non-tour related info, but if and when any circa documentary type stuff should come out then I'll be excited! Also, RX Bandits and Citizen would be cool openers so I'm hoping that's true!
  4. That's cool that there is confirmation for the Anthony Green release. The Tigers Jaw release that was put out from that show is so well done that it makes me more excited for this one.
  5. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    I really need to pop on here more, but I'm so excited about this pre-announcement! Definitely seems to be about Juturna and I can't wait until the 28th!
  6. Yeah, the creature club is definitely something I still miss! Although I wonder if it existed now and it was promoted heavily, if there would also be like 40 or so people there at each show. One would think that if someone is willing to pay an extra $40-50 for vip per show, that they wouldn't sweat paying $40 for a years worth of soundchecks. Or maybe it's just that people aren't as keen on jumping into a membership and would rather do a one-off thing that they don't have to think about again. Just something I have been wondering. But bearing in mind that you can definitely meet most of the band before or after the shows anyways, the acoustic set and all are cool perks too!
  7. I'm glad you got some info! To follow up on how it went, they did a pretty good job of sticking to the time they gave. Some people started lining up informally and at least picking up their tickets prior to 5:30. 5:30-6:00 was mostly spent making sure everyone had their laminates. At about 6, everyone got to go inside the venue in a line so that they could do the meet and greet first. It's honestly pretty brief because there's somewhere in the area of 40 people doing VIP for each show. But it was nice regardless and it does give you a little time to say something to the guys in the band. Then after you do the meet and greet, you just wait in about the area where the acoustic set will happen while everyone else does meet and greet. It is an early entry thing so it's not set up for you to have enough time to leave and get back in line after all that. There were some people who were among the first to do the meet and greet that were able to put their posters in their car and come back in as long as they asked security to do so. Otherwise, you basically stay in for the rest of the night. It's definitely not as small as casual as the creature club was, but still really enjoyable in my opinion! Hope that helps!
  8. My show is tomorrow and I got an email saying what time to meet for the VIP. The email says to meet at 5:30 at the venue box office (doors open for the show at 7). I'm personally just curious if it's the kind of thing where you go in the venue and then leave again before it opens. In any case, I'll post about how it goes!
  9. Yeah this was definitely a sad read, as was the recent and similar article in Alternative Press. I'm just genuinely happy everyone seems to be in a better place.
  10. I unfortunately don't have the lyrics from the vinyl in front of me right now, but I believe for Descensus the ending states the "full" lyrics: "Wondering. Openly. Devilish. We let it go too far. I know I let you down. Somehow we mustn't let this die." Which sounds pretty accurate to me, so maybe for some reason the LP lyrics are more accurate or complete. They also include that extra line mentioned before but maybe that's the background vocals? They're hard to pick out so I'm not sure. Once I'm sitting in front of the album again I'll see if I spot anything else.
  11. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    This is great to hear. =] I'm glad they did chart. Also, such a bummer to hear about the preorders. I had actually wanted to buy the vinyl in person (just didnt care for the bundles) but after a week of no luck anywhere nearby I ended up ordering it from Amazon. So it seems like for whatever reason, even some physical retailers whether local record stores or even hot topic don't seem to be receiving the albums when expected. That being said, I'm very happy with the album I got. Hopefully things go more smoothly in the future.
  12. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    I really love this album. I wouldn't know how to rank it in their discography or anything, but the fact that I can listen to it almost non-stop says enough to me about how much I enjoy it. It feels like a really good combination of all of Circa's strengths. Always Begin, Only the Sun, Sovereign Circle and Descensus are my favorite songs currently. I also don't mind that Nesting Dolls reminds me of Postcard from 1952 by EITS. The only sad thing will be not getting to hear all of these songs live.
  13. Circa Survive - Live DVD

    Haha yeah, I feel like this is the primary pro or con to the dvd depending on how you view it. It was nice to see their live show without crowd surfers falling on my head and all, but then it's also strange to see a Circa show without that energy around. Either way, I'm happy to have the DVD! I agree, I'm not the biggest fan of the slow motion portions and it would be great to have those additional songs, but I can live with it.
  14. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    I'm surprised they haven't released any information thus far, but I also wonder if this isn't deliberate in some ways due to Violent Waves leaking early. That's just my speculation, but I could understand if they felt that it's better to put less time between an announcement and the release itself considering how much a leak can kill the momentum of building up a release. Either way, I can't wait to find out more.
  15. I've seen circa doing creature club before and that usually meant being at the venue maybe 2-3 hours before doors opened, but that was because we were there for soundcheck. It wasn't an early entry thing so I wouldn't be surprised if that rule doesn't apply. I did VIP for the dear hunter a couple months ago though and it had the same perks as this and i had to be there around 1 to 1 and a half hours til doors opened, so that might be a closer estimate! Hopefully they'll send something out to explain more later though.