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  1. Appendage EP

    ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! ok,gracias:) well chrono theres people hating but its not here
  2. Appendage EP

    the shirt is rad!!!!
  3. Appendage EP

  4. Appendage EP

    jajaj im not hating
  5. Appendage EP

    ok.i dont know about you guys, but im hearing alot of people saying that appendage isnt good -__- i wanna beat em up hahha with a rock or something
  6. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    heck yeah!its a badass track to start the ep
  7. Saosin

    wait!what about s&w?! vocalist i think its charles and i
  8. Xbox 360 VS. Wii VS. PS3

    ^ true.
  9. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    ^hahahaha... the ep!is awesome!<3333 first track to last,i enjoy every millisecond =]
  10. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

  11. Xbox 360 VS. Wii VS. PS3

    PS3! but then wii.. because of legend of zelda,donkey kong, mario-_-
  12. Frozen Creek

    damn! -___- lameeee ,alright...i need to buy one badly then.gracias kobe:p
  13. Frozen Creek

    i dont have a capo any way i can play it w/out it?
  14. I NOTICED THAT TOO when i read it....ajahahahaja crica...sruvive... :p
  15. Circa Survive w/ Anberlin & Foxy Shazam

    fml no cali. i missed when they came here.FML infinity fold