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  1. Creature Club

    At the first Pomona show they didnt say anything so I missed it there when I was there on time. I subscribed last august so Im not sure if Im still a creature or if it got cancelled. I hope I can get in to the LA show tonight with my ID
  2. Oh awesome. I'll probably go by there tomorrow
  3. What record store? Also I have 2 balcony tickets for the Oct 7 show and just found out I can't go so if anyone wants to buy them off me or trade for Oct 6 tickets then message me
  4. Does anyone have extra tickets to the October 6th Pomona show?
  5. I don't need drugs to know this album is fucking amazing. Also, why is Steve Brule getting down votes?
  6. Any word on Creature Club soundchecks this tour?
  7. Suitcase is probably my least favorite, and that song is awesome
  8. Violent Waves Tour - Ideal Set List

    They play Your Friends Are Gone on their tours, they just don't ever play it at the shows I'm at. They also didn't play Fever Dreams when I saw them for the BSN tour. During the soundcheck one time this dude brought AG's old guitar that he got off eBay and he played songs while Anthony sang and they did Airplane Dance
  9. My Only Friend is in my top 5. The Lottery might be too
  10. What does Get Out have to do with There Will Be Blood. The song On Letting Go is about There Will Be Blood. Blood Song is also about There Will Be Blood. They even talk about how OLG is influenced by it in this interview (I think it's this one)
  11. So Juturna has Eternal Sunshine. OLG has There Will Be Blood. Violent Waves has Zeitgeist. What does BSN have?
  12. I am buying the shit out of these. My AG shoes have gotten so beat up and I also need some black shoes for work because my black Macbeths aren't the most comfortable (They were $5)
  13. Violent Waves Tour - Ideal Set List

    We're All Thieves is the only Juturna song I haven't heard and Fever Dreams is the only BSN song, so I really hope they play those. I still have yet to hear my favorite song Your Friends Are Gone. Also Travel Hymn, Carry Us Away and Close Your Eyes to see but I'm pretty sure they haven't ever played those last two live. Also I need to hear Backmask, Everyway, 1000 Witnesses, Most Dangerous Commercials, Suspending Disbelief, Handshakes at Sunrise, and the majority of Violent Waves.
  14. He's saying "God won’t save our lives. God’s no savior. God won’t save our lives. God won’t save us." during the bridge of Phantasmagoria Also in Brother song I'm pretty sure it's "I'll never get used to being locked out of your life" And I'll Find A Way is "Oh love, you'll take it to the end, I know you will. Oh love, you'll tear out all your hair, I know you will" Does anyone else feel like this is kind of a sequel to OLG? They share common themes, just VW looks like it is looking at the same subject but in a more mature light. If they do release a demo of Violent Waves (song) I hope it sounds as raw as James' Song (Raw is weird way to describe James' Song but pretty much exactly like the video just high quality and all one take)
  15. This whole spoiler thing doesn't make too much sense. There were people who didn't listen to Suitcase, Sharp Practice, of the amazon clips but we didn't have to hide ourselves from them. And its not that hard to just not look at the website, what's even the point on coming on this thread if you haven't listened to it when there is like no non-"spoiler" posts.