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  1. Circa Survive Fall Tour 2011

    I got my tickets for the show in Buffalo and it says the Town Ballroom on the tickets. The Town Ballroom is much better than than Club Infinity. Should be an amazing show.
  2. I Felt Free/Dyed in the Wool

    So..I figured out both of the opening leads for the songs. I don't know the rest of the songs, but I'm working on them. Here you go. Feel free to point out errors and what not. I Felt Free Tuning: Half-Step Down e------------------------------------------------- B----------6--5~ 6--5--------------3----------- G------5----------------5/-----4-------5--4----- D--/7----7------------------5-----5-----------5/ A------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- Repeat twice and then slide into the 7 and let it ring. Dyed in the Wool Tuning: Half-Step Down e------12---8-------12---8------------------- B---------------------------------------------- G--10---------10--------------9~ 7~ 9~ 7~ D---------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------------
  3. Fever Dream Chords

    i have Aminor for the first chord, But then I go G and then F. I don't know that's my guess..Either way this song is amazing.
  4. How much have you listened to Circa?

    I was just messing, lol..I started listening to Circa last summer and the first song I heard was Get Out..and then I got On Letting Go and then Juturna...I did it all backwards. But Juturna is one of my favorites.
  5. How much have you listened to Circa?

    Get Out 73 The Difference Between Medicine and Poision is in The Dose 61 Kicking Your Crosses Down 51 Holding Someones Hair Back 50 Living Together 50 Act Appalled 48 The Greatest Lie 38 Mandala 38 We're All Thieves 37 On Letting Go 36 Good idea! There's not enough Juturna in yours though
  6. Circa Survive | Anthony Green | Saosin: YouTube Videos

    My favorite video ever..Just proves that Anthony Green is the man..Watch around 1:28 and you'll see what happens.
  7. Imaginary Enemy - Tab Help!!!!

    I have the intro and the verse chords down. Not hard at all. Imaginary Enemy- Circa Survive Tuning- Half Step Down Tabbed By- nhaas@hilbert.edu e--------- B-------- G-10---6 D-7----3 A-8----4 E-------- Just strum the chords. Listen to the song for timing. I'm trying to figure out the rest, I'll post anything elese I figure out.