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  1. mandala drum part

    Haha Steve is just very fast, and has his cymbals right next to his toms, I'm also a drummer and have tried this beat many times. The beat at the chorus on the bass drum is just 1&2&3&4&, so 8 bass hits each measure. The snare is on the 'e' of 2 and then 4, this pattern repeats. In between the snare beats is a frenzy of cymbal and tom hits. Just try doing tom hits first. It works for me if I hit the floor tom and middle tom. Mainly use the floor tom and use the middle tom every one or two beats. The cymbals are just tapped in between the tom and snare hits. So once you get used to playing with out the cymbals, it will be easy to add them in. And then every phrase (four measures I think) is a fill, rolls and stuff like that. I had to practice a lot. Let me know how it goes for you. EDIT: I just watched Steve play it and I was kinda wrong. Base drum and snare stay the same but he does a 1 2 3 4 beat on the crash cymbal, and uses his left hand to hit the toms when he isn't hitting the snare. And every two measures I think he does like a crash or fill and then uses his right hand for the floor tom before going back to the cymbal.