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  1. Circa Survive "LP6" Discussion

    woah circaboard is back
  2. Circa Survive | Anthony Green | Saosin: YouTube Videos

    ^I was at this show and I'd just like to express that it was one of the best times I've had seeing them (10th circa show! crazy to think about). There was something really special about the vibe of the night for me. The setlist was great, the new songs were great, the crowd was great, and the band seemed to be truly enjoying themselves. I'm completely infatuated and impressed with Descensus in a way that I didn't expect to be. Descensus is a love letter to fans- its full of surprises and sickeningly awesome moments. Once a lot if the details came out about the band's serious personal struggles that informed Descensus, I became really afraid for Circa's fate. This show really helped me to appreciate the mortality of the band. There will come a time in the not so distant future when Circa Survive will come to an end. Being fully engrossed and present during the show felt better than it ever had. It was very participatory for me, and I was tuned into the band's message that we are all a part of Circa Survive when we sing and dance along.
  3. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    I was able to go to "Epilogues" opening night! It was really something else. Esao was there talking to everyone and taking pictures. He is an extremely down to earth guy akin to how circa behave at signings and things. I overheard him talking to someone who, presumably, was a familiar acquaintance of his. They talked for a while, just chit chat mostly about how things are going in SF, but he asked very quietly about the Descensus painting. Esao gave him a look and said "Tuesday. But yes, Shhh."
  4. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    Absolutely dumbfounded. Is their lack of building hype actually creating more hype? i mean the hype train reached maximum velocity when they started posting those teasers and #LP5 tags a plenty. There was some more too when the Sumerian announcement happened, but it all revolved around VW so LP5's thunder was totally taken away. I just don't understand this silence. It could have to do with milking the deluxe VW for all its worth before the new tour. Sumerian may be pressuring them to hold off as long as possible so as to not saturate the market with circa records. idk. pretty lame if that's the case. VW is over two years old..... so far we have: -no album art reveal -no title -no tracklist -no single -no release date -no preorder? -expected next month??? if it is supposed to be released before the tour (or at least simultaneously) then there are only 27 days left for all of these announcements to happen. i don't even.
  5. Circa Survive - Live DVD

    The glorious nosebleed is definitely the highlight of the whole show for me. It's such a groovy song to begin with, definitely one of their proggiest and darkest, but Tosin seems to really feel the song yano? I think there is definitely a reason they choose that song every time to collaborate. This song just makes me think about the original atmosphere and aesthetic that the band started out with in 2004 - just a bunch of house of leaves reading kids groovin' in a dank basement on Linden Ave with so much to fear and so many unknown anxieties haunting them all. Tosin adds a lot of flavor to the song but honestly just the fact that circa can just get stuck in the main groove of nosebleed for such a long time is great. I've been to shows (without Tosin present) where they play a similar extended version of nosebleed and I just eat that shit up. So ethereal. Also, the climax of Stop the Fucking Car where they basically just simulate an orgasm was really cool, and how noisily they transition right into The Difference Between was kickass. Also also, the little instrumental interlude between Living Together and Handshakes was truly enjoyable.
  6. Circa Survive - Live DVD

    Commercials didn't make it sadly I don't think it and the others were cut based on poor performance on the bands part because battle my love is pretty rough. It would probably have been cut as well if that were the case. Anthony messes up his timing cues and the lyrics several times, but its no big deal. More likely is that it had to do with time constraints, failure of the equipment, or something else directorially on Dannel's part. The dvd is still so great regardless.
  7. Circa Survive - Live DVD

  8. Circa Survive | Anthony Green | Saosin: YouTube Videos

  9. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    whenever I make you the most, most perfect milkshake whenever I wake you up look into your eyes till I find what I want and I know what you have probably felt about me since I met you and I know that you resent me cause you wanted to leave I told you that green eyes were all I ever really wanted and slowly I start shaking, on my own whenever I wake you, the most, most perfect milkshake when I learn I'll make you livid look into your eyes till you can't breathe and I know that you enjoy that from bently's simple milkshakes and I know that you'll return because just the way you leave well I told you that green eyes were all I ever really wanted and slowly I start ____ on my own
  10. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    I'm wondering if instead of "naturally your feeling" it is "that eureka feeling", eureka being Ancienct Greek for "I've found it!" (perhaps specifically, I've found the one). Thoughts?