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  1. Custom Circa Art/Design/Media

    Thanks so much everyone! Always feels awesome to hear positive things about my work, and yes, these are on Etsy I recently saw CS at a college about 20 minutes from my house. It was a super intimate show, in a gymnasium....was amazing. Totally broke down crying during 'Through The Desert..' dont care, no shame, Circa owns. Oh, btw, I'm Jess or (MOP$) and I'm from PA
  2. Custom Circa Art/Design/Media

    Thanks so much! (I'm a girl though, but you can call me man, or whatever haha) I started back in 09' doing traditional painting, and moreless in the beginning of the summertime, got into Illustration. For your last question...it might be heinous for me to try to choose just one album haha...as for songs, I especially zone out when Semi-Constructive Criticism, Everyway, Act Appalled, and Through The Desert Alone come on...but maybe that's because those are my top fav Circa songs haha
  3. Custom Circa Art/Design/Media

    MIRACLE SUN . 2012 . MOP$ . Prints Available Here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/116246077/miracle-sun-anthony-green-of-circa _______________________________________________________________________ MEET ME IN MONTAUK (This piece isn't AS Circa related, but you all know the moment we hear 'Meet Me In Montauk' we automatically think of Circa haha) 2012. Prints Available Here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/116988964/meet-me-in-montauk-joel-clementine-from ______________________________________________________________________ Anthony Green . 2012 . Prints Available Here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/107941802/anthony-green-of-circa-survive-by-mops ______________________________________________________________________ LIVING TOGETHER . Original Painting/Mixed Media . 2011 . Painting Available Here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/92242501/living-together-by-mops-original-18x24 _______________________________________________________________________ ACT APPALLED . 2012 . Print Available Here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/107945547/act-appalled-by-mops-8x10-digital-print ______________________________________________________________________ I'm an artist, and always listen to Circa while I create work(s). It's a wonder how I don't have more Circa related pieces. Also, I currently am running a Buy 1 8x10" High Gloss Print, Get 1 FREE! Hope you don't mind that I advertise that , MOP$ www.artbymops.com