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  1. So this was recorded in 2013 and will be released this year a la the Tigers Jaw session that Will put out last year (or was it the year before?)
  2. I bought it (or donated for it?), some great song on here.
  3. Saosin "Along The Shadow" | Discussion

    I'm still digging it. It won't be album of the year for me but it will make the top 10 which is quite something because this year truly has a lot of amazing music.
  4. FOOD. "Coma." Discussion

    weird but fun I guess? Not paying 70$ for a pre-order though :P
  5. Anthony Green "Projects" Discussion

    Haha yeh I doubt the 2008 ones will happen :P interesting stuff tho
  6. Yeh I'm so happy I got to see them. I've been to three shows in the past week, 3 of my favourite bands. (Brand New, La Dispute and Circa Survive). Now this summer I'm seeing Manchester Orchestra and The Dear Hunter and then I've seen all but 1 of my favourite bands! (Chances I'll ever see Poison The Well are pretty slim, but still possible).
  7. dammit I have to type my story over for the 3rd time because that post was being a bitch. Editing didn't work until I edited the broken part in show was great nesting dolls was great anthony green is smaller than I thought we spoke a bit he was super friendly and also 2 pics:
  8. Opening was really hard but I chose for Birth of the Economic Hitman and for closer I went with House of Leaves which is my favourite Circa song.
  9. Yay Eindhoven. Definitely going. Are From Indian Lakes any good?
  10. haha that ending was cute but also strange
  11. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Wow haha you put some work into this. I remember my first concert was a Dutch band called Face Tomorrow somewhere in 2007. I think I've seen Within Temptation and Stream of Passion like 4 or 5 times each, Within Temptation mostly at festivals though. I saw My Chemical Romance in 2011. In 2012 I saw Thrice on their farewell tour in London (only EU date except for a festival in Belgium where I also went to because Thrice ♥) Last year I saw letlive., Night Verses (twice), Brand New, Touché Amoré, O'Brother, La Dispute (they were probably my favourite concert?), Balance And Composure, Cloud Nothings, Koji, Norma Jean, Panic! At The Disco and yesterday I went to see Seether. Now if only Circa came to Europe :/ that would be great. I would have seen Anthony Green together with The Dear Hunter but sadly that was cancelled (due to the heroin I guess?). My biggest musical regret is not seeing Poison The Well when I had the chance. Back then I didn't really dare go by myself to shows and none of my friends liked them or wanted to go because it was Germany (but not really far away, I live really close to the Belgian and German border, Amsterdam is much further away and I go to shows there all the time). In January I'm going to see Pianos Become The Teeth and in April I'm going to the 10 year anniversary tour of Discovering The Waterfront (Silverstein). Now I need to see Circa and Manchester Orchestra. I haven't and they're 2 of my all time favourite bands.
  12. I gave it an 8 too. Mostly because I still haven't "connected" yet with certain songs (Stay Quiet, Always Begin, Only The Sun, Who Will Lie With Me Now) I love all the other songs a lot though.
  13. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    The song Descensus might just be my favourite. (Other favourites are Schema, Child Of The Desert, Nesting Dolls and Phantom, I have yet to warm up to Only the Sun which everyone seems to love but so far it hasn't "clicked" with me yet I guess)