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  1. House of Leaves: The Song vs. The Book

    agreed. I saw Anthony for the first time late last year and throughout the entire preformance I would occasionally scream loudly "SING HOUSE OF LEAVES' in the hopes he would play it, but unfortunately that didn't happen ;( wonderful song though, always has been my fav and I got it to be my moms fav as well. ♥ hehe ♥
  2. Anthony Green "Children's Album" Discussion

    that's awesome. any kid who wears that is the coolest kid ever. ♥ if I was a kid I'd totally wear that. I was into the more darker artist-type clothing when I was a child. I honestly think it could work as a kids design.. they need to open up the ideas and styles for kids clothings.. make them more artistic, moody, and more sophisticated instead of a fuckin flower with a face on a tshirt. and to be honest, I can already see that happening with the childrens clothing that I've seen lately at macy's or nordstrom. his design would totally fit in and bring something new to the table if he went more towards these types of illustrations. I'm all for it
  3. Circa Survive . Upcoming Shows

    anthony is so damn gorgeous. dat face. dem eyes. his sons will grow up to be amazing.
  4. Anthony Green - Young Legs

    still can't get enough of this album. ♥ truly loved being able to attend the tour
  5. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    ^I'm loving that commentary.
  6. there's no way i'll be able to go to the show on the 23rd and I'm somewhat bummed. once again missing out on an opportunity to see Anthony live. kjsdhfsuhfeifwfh
  7. Age?

    who's birthday was it >.> I totally dropped the ball on my surprise birthday posts.
  8. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    on topic: I'm SO EXCITED for this.. anthony is coming to Phoenix in November :') I would looove to see him live. I've missed every chance to see him and I better not miss this one..
  9. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    according to google translate that means "anus of chicken"? the phuck for WillSmithStaint: http://youtu.be/SutuoWSUfr8 Atticah: sometimes the exact url in the browser will not work. so get the link from here: ^use that link.. it works 100% of the time. then: then this will pop up: then you want to select Media and put the url: then it'll look like this: and you're done :D i'm so nice lol the other folks on here don't care to help people in need.
  10. this is really cool.
  11. Age?

    ^woot woot
  12. Favorite Circa Survive Album

    I chose Juturna although I have no clue which would even be my favorite. I'll be honest BSN was my least favorite at first and still somewhat is when compared to all their other albums, BUT I have a serious appreciation towards that album and the more I force myself to listen to it the more it grows on me. It's honestly EXTREMELY hard for me to dislike anything from circa or anthony in general. I just love them too much. I'm currently obsessing over Violent Waves though ugh this album is the shit dude. I just cannot get enough you can hear the growth but I can also feel a bit of an OLG vibe.