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  1. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    i don't care for saosin at all
  2. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    yep, def my favorite album
  3. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    looks like they're active again http://www.thesoundofanimalsfighting.com/
  4. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    looking like it will be my favorite AG release
  5. Circa Survive - Live DVD

    really want to hear travel hymn live
  6. Saosin

  7. holding someone's hair back & i'll find a way
  8. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    i want a september release :D i asked about his EP w/ Casey via Twitter, no response
  9. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Ah yes, I'll never forget that. I watched the first season of New Girl in December, and it still excited me. lol
  10. Circa Survive . Upcoming Shows

    Minus the Bear / Circa?! http://goo.gl/09htE
  11. Circa Survive "Sharp Practice" Music Video

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's all i have to say.
  12. Saosin

    i was JUST about to post this i wanted these 3 things to be cleared up before any Saosin-with-Anthony-reunion (which honestly...doesn't excite me that much...have to be honest. I like Saosin but I'm not all OGFMAJLKHJLK about them and...I found out about Circa before Saosin actually LOL). 1. Young Legs 2. Anthony's project with Casey Crescenzo 3. Another Circa tour
  13. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    So is it coming out this year or no?