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  1. PC vs. Mac

    The Apple mouse has 4 buttons actually. Left, right, top and side squeeze.
  2. PC vs. Mac

    iTunes is incredible. Do you use iTunes on windows or os x?
  3. PC vs. Mac

    Dude, when your mac is a work station and you are constantly bouncing between windows it's certainly the best feature on the mac os. Especially when I use hot corners. My work flow is very smooth and consistent.
  4. Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy X-2 [ 0 ] 0.00% Makes sense.
  5. PC vs. Mac

    Well they don't call it the most "advanced operating system" for no reason. It's very deep. Extremely seamless. It's almost like it can do any and everything you're trying to do. Expose makes the whole mac experience so much more worthy. People who don't use expose are missing out on productivity. Not to mention the appearance. Every app on windows is just hideous. It seems like almost every app you use on a mac is just beautiful. I guess it's the wonderful interface builder (with Xcode) Apple supplies for free with their OS for developers.
  6. End Women's Suffrage?

  7. Are you scared...

    Yes No
  8. Cheese Its or Goldfish?

    This is probably the hardest decision anybody would ever have to make. After hard thinking and careful consideration, I choose cheese its.
  9. Julian Played Live!

    Their best song yet.
  10. Ex-Lax Vs. Imodium AD

    He hasnt been around in a week or so. I hope he's ok, my xbox 360 needs a new home.
  11. Wiping your ass!

    HAH! So thats what that is.

    Don't look at me. lol
  13. Wiping your ass!

    You ever go and see the amazing talent of Shane and Shane when they play there?
  14. Ex-Lax Vs. Imodium AD

    Yeah....what he said.