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  1. On letting Go at walmart

    haha this kid (thread starter) is awesome. This further supports my lack of posting in the circa board Someone comes to the board to share their ideas about circa and the world(which is what message boards are about right?.......right?) and everyone else (supposed respected board members because of their L337ness and wisdom)not only disagreed with his opinions (which everyone is entitled to doing) but shot down, ridiculed, insulted and ultimately led this kid away. Circa Survive hates the boards because of this kind of behavior. His opinions are legit. all he was saying was that by having circa sell their stuff there, they are indirectly, but surely supporting the destruction of a community's economy. hence directly affecting people's lives for the worse. if you dont think this is an issue circa should at least be aware of, then well you probably need to start caring a little more about something other than yourselves. wow really?...wow adieu pathetic boards
  2. Sodipop,

    dr. pepper why have a single flavored carbonated beverage when you can have 23 flavors in one.
  3. December 21, 2012

    this reminds me that i have to keep smashin on the daily and speeding on the freeways before it all ends
  4. Custom Circa Art/Design/Media

    at least now we know people know photoshop well phew!
  5. Oh yeah this is an important poll...

    fish &chips
  6. Music Video Premiere

    ditto very original; i liked this video
  7. Left-brain or Right-brain?

    left 66% sorta balanced i guess
  8. Which do you like best

    watermelon, carls j, ginger ale i thought about in n out, i mean that place is good to eat, but they just dont have the guacamole bacon six dollar burger.
  9. horrible impersonations of AG

    haha this thread is kinda sad, but damn some of these people should really just stick to listening to bands. I gotta give'm props for having the balls to post their videos regardless of harsh critics.
  10. What sign are you?

    haha not a single capriporn. I guess all us cancer boardies are screwed. edit: Btw, maybe theres something to the board's cancerous streak like all cancers and Sagittarius' are bigger losers than every other sign so they end up in message boards haha
  11. Circa Survive - On Letting Go

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwS8S0C8KR0 i'm going to go with the pre-release live version of 'the difference'. It sounded way more mature than any of their album stuff. the link above isnt for the live version im talking about tho. I posted that because it seems like the new album is really pushing ant's voice too much. which is why i like their old stuff better.
  12. Death Penalty

    Vitctims are allowed to drop charges, letting the "forgiven" convict out..or decreasing the severity of his punishment. That, although it may sound like the ignorant thing to do, is what should be done. As Ghandi also said, "we must become the change we want to see"
  13. Death Penalty

    haha you can pretty much take over this thread from here on out. by the way, i noticed we agreed on something? lol i was pretty surprised
  14. Death Penalty

    who are you to define the point of insanity? yous the craziest chick ever haha jk i voted no, i've read books about the pre-ceremonial psychological experience of convicted men and it just isnt right. regardless of anything you say...if you read that stuff, you'd understand.
  15. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    haha i think that was their purpose in putting that song on there. if you read the lyrics, you'll better understand the purpose of 'there can be no dispute' and ultimately 'lover'. its not that its bad, its just that it could've been a little better i agree.