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  1. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    Circa Survive is Circa Survive for me anyways. I'm in love with this album, maybe even more than I should be. especially fever dreams
  2. What sign are you?

    Cancer :D
  3. Ex's

    All of my ex's are complete douchebags, but I still talk to them
  4. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    I'm excited over this. I don't get excited over anything though I'm not expecting it to be fcking epic, but for me it probably will be. ...if I'm wording that correctly
  5. Final Fantasy

    hah sweet youth
  6. Final Fantasy

    VII was my first video game like ever :| i was like 6 that and jurassic park the lost world :| ahh memories
  7. Final Fantasy

    VII obv. I'm also a big fan of X and VIII VIII was kind of lame though. eh anyway vincent is my bitch :-|
  8. Anthony's Solo Album 2008

    holycowshit i'm excited holycowshit i'm excited
  9. Alaska? Please!

    yes about 5 hours of daylight is awesome during the winter. I'd honestly love to go to Alaska though
  10. In The Morning And Amazing Video

    i'd like to see your friends are gone for sure!
  11. New Anthony Green Song "Drug Dealer"

    ahhhhhhh awesome vids.
  12. New Contest

    who won for the orlando date? school computers are lame
  13. evolution or creationism.

    I've always wanted to know the truth so badly but at the same time I don't wanna know because Theres always a side of me that says nothing is real. It scares me. maybe we're all completely wrong
  14. evolution or creationism.

    Exactly, How does something evolve without first being created. Unless some strange thing occurred and everything just popped out of a hole and life began. Maybe we'll never know.
  15. Circa on the cover of RAG Magazine

    wooohoo. That just made my night