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  1. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    um, there's another album coming out!?? i kid, i kid. but seriously, i've been gone for a long time...can someone summarize the last fifty-something pages (perhaps with fun links/clues/surprises) ? The blogpost/twitter/etc lead me back here...
  2. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    SHUT THE FUCK UP! AND NO!! although, there is this gaping void in my heart that has opened up ever since we stopped talking.
  3. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    i'm coming out of hiding to say this album is awesome. that is all!
  4. Pictures with the circa dudes!

    totally didn't know about this whole section of the board! A green and I in 2005 when they were on tour with emanuel (i think say anything was supposed to play too but dropped out.) I was so littttlleeeee! I remember showing this photo to all my friends and everyone was all "who is that guy?!?" I wish my old computer didn't crash so i'd still have the original of this as well as the rest of the photos i took. All i have left are a few shots of emanuel, and this pic, which i photoshopped and cropped for myspace...duh. It should also be mentioned that this was my first circa survive concert...and it ruled. It was at the knitting factory and i just remember there being no rails, guards, or anything, and we'd all crowd surf onto the stage and anthony would throw us off into the crowd. Some kid got up and smooched anthony on the mouth and in the middle of the you just heard a "what the fuck?" love that venue.
  5. Abortion

    yeah...i do. strongly. read my past bazillion posts as to why. i especially disagree about that part where you said that rape should be made illegal to all married couples.
  6. Abortion

    yeah but the people who use that potential are usually those who are raised by the best of those in that neighborhood and are the same kids who DON'T fuck up in terms of pregnancy...they get educations and get out of there. I think for the sake of this discussion we should leave rape and shitty neighborhoods out...its a small percentage of abortions and i think we can agree to disagree on our stances of abortions in those extreme cases. as for the wisconsin thing---well...first let me just put it out there that i'm not from wisconsin, i just go to university here, and that the situation i put was hypothetical (except the part about small towns with 18 year olds with families...my friend is from one of those towns.) But either way...you're right that its possible for her to go somewhere and put the kid up for adoption...but most of the time in a small town thats not even an option. There might not be an orphan home in that town and a city with one might be unaccesible. In general there are so many factors that play into shit like this that its a bit more complicated than the circa board discussion.
  7. Abortion

    i think seeing kids your age with children of their own won't neccesarily stop you from having sex. it really matters who you are, how you were raised, where you live and who the people are around you. if you're from a middle class suburban neighborhood and you see your best friend neighbor get pregnant and suffer from having to raise that kid...you'll probably think twice. if you're from a shitty neighborhood where people have kids at young ages because thats what they're used to then you'll probably be in the same boat. think that maury episode: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zaXPxxk3sKg i have friends here at my college that are from here in wisconsin and they're from small towns where girls get pregnant and get married as soon as they possibly can. what if someone told a girl in that town that sex feels GREAT (which is truth hahaha) and she goes off sleeping with a guy and gets pregnant even though she doesn't want it? She's not as happy as her newlywed 18 year old friends...what if she was an aspiring whatever-career-woman? Her life is now ruined because she's having a kid. Yeah, she should have known better but she fucked up and if she can fix it then why should she NOT and have to go living a shitty life as a single mom in small town wisconsin and have her future crushed? And that abortion is a just in case option is usually not an excuse for people to not be responsible or not use protection. When i have sex i know that abortion is always an option...and so did my ex girlfriend, who was a reasonably devout catholic and was really against it. We both knew we could fall back on it but that didn't stop us from being responsible and to avoid that option. Likewise, despite knowing the risks we were taking we didn't NOT have sex because of what could have happened. Instead we understood that we we liked each other a lot and were curious and horny and wanted to go for it. honestly. fuck it...whatever. girls should get on the pill, not get raped, and solve our energy crisis and impeach our president rather than get pregnant and preocupy me with messageboard discussions.
  8. Abortion

    i'm 99% sure that the parents who DON'T tell their kids about the dangers of sex, drugs, violence, etc are the ones who raise their kids poorly and whose children are the thugs and rapists you hear about on the news. the rest of the parents...i'd say the vast majority or parents...DO teach their kids about sex. and if they send their kids to school...like the vast majority of people, then their kids doubly learn about it in school. nowadays with technology getting to people so fast at such young ages, they develop opinions and learn things at earlier and earlier ages...kids find out about sex and its implications a lot earlier than they did before. When i was a freshman in high school girls were still a taboo. now, freshman who go to the high school i went to fuck on school grounds. they know what pregnancy and disease are. why are they having sex? because they have hormones, and because they want to experiment, and because they're stupid. I'm not saying we should sweep their mistakes under the rug. if anything, let those idiots get diseases and learn why they shouldn't have sex and let them get pregnant and undergo the conscience heavy process that is knowing that you just got an abortion. i have friends who've gotten it and trust me...whether you believe its right or not and whether you believe the fetus is alive or not its a really mentally painful process to go through. if people don't learn from their mistakes after that then they should have been aborted because they're a waste of space. and again, until you can get a completely unbiased and respected and educated doctor to get published a research/medical paper that ends this debate by saying that a fetus is clinically and medically a living and functional human being, you're not killing anything. read my definition of what i think is alive a few posts up if you didn't already. also...theres a difference between teaching kids whats right and having them actually do what's right. if it were up to me i'd live in a world where girl's tubes were tied until they were married/together and in a financial and age situation where they can afford to raise a child and the family was able to harbor and care for it correctly. But i don't live in my own utopia and though technology is pretty fucking crazy noawadays (iphone? what the fuck? it exists?) there is no temporary tube-tying procedures. and if they did exist...they'd probably be expensive. So unless you plan on inventing a microchip that makes kids ACT as responsibly as they've hopefully been taught by society...i don't see how you expect to just teach kids and expect them to ignore their hormones and curiosity. and i think my arguments don't prove anything to you because you refuse to see outside your opinion--which is fine because i'm not trying to change your oppinion.
  9. Abortion

    YO ANOTHER POINT: if you're one of those people who thinks that most abortions happen in middle/top class white families who are taking their slutty spoiled bitch daughters to abortion clinics because they're sleeping around...you're probably right... in most cases the people who can't afford condoms or don't have access to them or the people who are raped and such don't even have abortions...they don't have that luxury and they're stuck with their fucked up lives. however all the well off people who do get abortions---think about why they're getting them. they either a) don't want to fuck up the rest of their lives (LOGICAL!!) or their parents put them up to it. maybe thats because their parents know best? so maybe you should take up this argument with the people who brought life into this world out of love and out of caring and out of wanting to raise a family. People who know how to raise kids right (those kids obviously fucked up if they're getting abortions haha)...ask those people why they put their kids up to getting an abortion. i'm pretty sure all those parents will tell you that they felt that that baby would not have been brought up well or naturally and i'm pretty sure they would have told you that they didn't want their kids to have fucked up lives (LOGICAL!!!). which brings me back to what i was saying before. people have abortions because they don't want to have fucked up lives and they don't want their kids (whether the abortion or actual) to have fucked up lives. so stop wishing people to have fucked up lives. seriously. that and our government's abuses and the world's energy crisis. WAY more important than this stuff
  10. Abortion

    i just used burden a lot in that post. edit: muffin its what i do. i kill bitches.
  11. Abortion

    yay so lets increase the number of people on this overpopulated dying planet so they can take up more resources and cause burdens for the stupid girls who didn't think enough to ask whether their dumbass boyfriends used condoms. how about you let people learn their lessons by educating them and letting them fix their mistakes so they don't have to go through the emotionally heavy process that is getting an abortion rather then teach them a lesson by letting them go through the burden that is raising a child that you didn't want, expect, or could afford.
  12. Abortion

    edit: don't give me that shit about how he should be just given up for adoption or she should just take care of it and quit being a skank etc etc. i'm pretty sure if something is being argued over whether its alive or dead its either terri shiavo (who's now dead) or something that's not alive. until doctors can prove to me that a fetus's cerebrum is fully developed and functional, its not alive. the reason i'm saying this is that the medical definition of death is when there is complete cerebral flat line. if the thing we're talking about doesn't have the capability to flat line, it can't medically die...aka you can't kill it. point i'm getting at is that if you can't kill it either its immortal or it was never alive. i'm no D and D freak so i don't believe in immortality or any of that shit...we're dealing with something thats not alive. thats one. two is that you should consider where that non-aborted accident baby will end up. raised by a teenager: probably on the streets, with poor parenting and poor guidence most likely without a father figure and it'll either be a pedophilic redneck or a thug who will rape some more innocent girls and lead to another cycle. raised by orphan home: probably shitty ass childhood, probably some sick sexual experiences when young with the freaks that are modern america's volunteer social workers, and will probably end up raping more people. i mean those are worse case scenarios but you'll be surprised how common that shit is. you think all those bums and guys in prison were raised by middle class families who taught their kids hard work and ethical behaivior? think again...those are the guys whose parent's didn't give a shit or didn't know what do and in many cases were irresponsible and got pregnant by accident and didn't know what do with their babies and so had them anyway and they ended up fucked up and as criminals.
  13. Abortion

    i'm pretty sure rapists don't really give a shit about your consent. ps all you lifers should've been aborted. holla
  14. Anthony Acoustic @ The Crazy Donkey 12-29

    where in NY are you gonna me and whats your mode of transportation?
  15. Anthony Acoustic @ The Crazy Donkey 12-29

    dude if i go and stand behind you and don't recognize you like what happened at irving when they played with CIWWAF i'll slap myself