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  1. He's actually singing with Ida Maria, I'm surprised. Imo she's one of the biggest flops to leave Norway, probably why she left even. Good tune tho.
  2. Girls

    As long as your not being a D up in my C.
  3. Girls

    Been called thundertits, enjoyed it. Thundercunt, eh, doesn't have a good twang to it. Lightingcunt, tornadocunt, tsunamicunt ... it's all just funny. Wouldn't be offended.
  4. Girls

    Haha, this is far too funny.
  5. Blue Sky Noise [Board Skin]

    I'm using it, and I think it's awesome. Love how your post is kind of like a comment coming out of your avatar. Great work, guys!

    You're gonna look even more like a 12 year old if you shave off your hair ... just saying.
  7. New Website

    Well put!
  8. New Website

    There's a link to this in the links section. All the way down. We're represented ... kinda.
  9. Do you like where you live?

    I love Oslo. But feel it's too small. Luckily I travel alot so I can fall in love with Oslo over again And my appartment is awesome.
  10. Name my Band

    Tourists is good.
  11. Man or Woman

    Flat chested girl.
  12. Zodiac Signs

    I'm an aquarius. And though I don't really believe in this stuff, all I've read about my zodiacs is pretty spot on when it comes to me. I don't know the english zodiac names though. But anyway. I'm an early aquarius, only two days from the one before me (steinbukk?). which usually means that I am creative, but have a very logical sense as well. I went to art school and got A's in all my subjects, but also got A's in all of my other subjects like language, math and science. I even got an A in physical education and health. I'm also supposed to be a shy person who will most likely grow up to very outgoing and develope a big social network. We easily make new friends (which I do) and are considered good leaders because of our kindness, honesty and motivation. We are also supposed to be stubborn, which I am. I've been called a female Sheldon Cooper, only with people skills. And, although we love people and to be surrounded by them, we avoid serious relationships because of our fear of losing our independancy, which is also spot on. Considering the moment I've moved in together with all my past guys I've felt trapped and dumped them within a month.
  13. Girls

    Well well, I actually got votes. I would wake up next to anyone on here
  14. Handshakes at Sunrise. Because I just randomly clicked someone's signature (with a link to circa's site with that song on) and ended up refreshing their site 100 times a day for a month. Until I finally joined their old message boards and got it downloaded. Still their best song ever, in my opinion
  15. I've kept all my old relationship stuff. Even all the cheesy letters. So I say keep it, but if it was a shit relationship you don't want to remember you should burn it.