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  1. The only link that was on mine was www.photofinishrecords.com, and when I clicked it, all it said was that page didn't exist.
  2. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    dude i've been jamming out on my kazoo while watching star wars. the imperial march sounds epic on kazoo.
  3. i got it yesterday; i had my lady order it for me while i was at work. i'm pretty stoked about it. then again, i love belts.
  4. i've never been to doylestown, or pennsylvania for that matter - but what happened to siren is an outrage. as public enemy said, " fuck the police!" hopefully this b-side will help out their cause and get them into a new place.
  5. anyone here ever worn the jacksons before? i might get them, but as i've never worn them i don't know what the fit is like. also, the little detail of the tattoo is really rad. i love little things like that.
  6. AnthonyGreensChildren.com

    he almost always seems like that, half awake and wishing he could take a nap.
  7. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    a big HELL YES for a release date! now i have something concrete to look forward to!
  8. Will there be a headlining tour this year?

    yeahhh, we don't want to get tour greedy.
  9. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    rad! and i see that you upped a .avi of it.
  10. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    the video isn't up anymore. it says that it was deleted by the user.
  11. Be A Roadie For A Day

    yeah!! partyyyyy
  12. Be A Roadie For A Day

    entered! since i live in the city, i wonder if they would just bus me out to the venue rather than fly me out?
  13. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    that, sir, sounds to me like the devil song. we can only hope!
  14. when i heard that part i laughed so hard i cried. not because of the balloons, but more that they would be in the balloons "like tamales" and that the band would dress up as dinosaurs themselves. anthony's a funny, funny guy
  15. Custom Circa Art/Design/Media

    i just did this for my calligraphy class. instead of doing historical copies from the Book of Kells and other texts, we got to pick our own text. i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.