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  1. I have a proposition for you all.

    Thank you dude! Love me some positive people. also september I didn't mean to blow up on you or anything,didn't even know it was you who moved it! ur awesome!
  2. I have a proposition for you all.

    Well thank you for crushing on my dreams pat and chelsea. And why the hell are they taking requests if they already have a set setlist for every show?! Just to fuck with us? And how long would it take them to learn to play one song? An hour or two? Seriously I feel like i'm asking for their first born child geez. Oh and another thing,who the fuck moved this?
  3. I have a proposition for you all.

    3 tear drops,no one will touch you! you better make a twitter or fb and request it or i'll stab you with a tshirt tag i swear!
  4. I have a proposition for you all.

    thank you! yes i'll be personally bugging all the circa boardies i know a week before the show to request it p.s pat i hate you and you don't have a fb or any form of modern technology so ha!
  5. I have a proposition for you all.

    LOL HEYYY! i asked first
  6. I have a proposition for you all.

    I know I haven't been here in forever but need your help! I'm trying to get Circa to play "close your eyes to see" for the last show of the tour @ Starland Ballroom. I'm posting on their wall everyday requesting it until that day comes,but there are power in numbers! So I'm asking you all to also post on their wall to request it. I think there will be a better chance of them playing it if I have a 100 other circa boardies asking for it too! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! this song means so much to me and from one circa fan to another,i need you guys! :crossfingers: Just go to their page on fb,twitter,instagram whatever, ask them to play "close your eyes to see @ Starland ballroom,Oct 27th! STAND TOGETHER!
  7. used to? haha! they will never play close your eyes to see,jerks.
  8. Circa Survive Fall Tour 2011

    is ny it sold out yet?
  9. Creature Club

    did anyone rip the chat from last night??
  10. Creature Club

    Is there even a new card at all? I bet ya they're too cheap to make a new one
  11. Creature Club

    thank you! what is that head on the far right? the new card?
  12. Creature Club

    What did you guys get in the package? They sent me another email saying mines keeps getting lost in the mail or some shit lol what the hell!
  13. Creature Club

    Hello, we understand that you may not have received your gift pack and we apologize for the delay. Can you send us your correct and current mailing address so that we can resend it to you? We will also be extending your membership by 3 months (on us!) for the inconvenience. -Creature Club YUSSSSSSSSSSSS!! :D
  14. Anthony Green . Summer 2011 Shows

  15. Circa Survive Fall Tour 2011

    yeah presale is wednesday,going to the starland show.