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  1. Selling my ticket for October 7 - Pomona - $30. hit me up: sarah.orawczyk@gmail.com
  2. Circa Survive Fall Tour 2011

    I'm taking Ally with me this Friday to the Fox Theater. Anyone else coming with?
  3. Circa Survive Fall Tour 2011

    Finna go to the Pomona show. HOLLLAAAA!
  4. Exercise

    I workout 5 days a week unless I'm feeling pumped on the weekends... I go to the gym and then I go to a bootcamp class at night. Kicks my ass, thats for sure.
  5. Circa Survive 03.03.11 San Diego, CA @ Soma

    NO ITS TONIGHT WTF?! I THOUGHT IT WAS SATURDAY. Epic fail, brought to you by me. I'm going to sit on my couch and cry now.
  6. Circa Survive 03.03.11 San Diego, CA @ Soma

    I'm still trying to find a hot date to go with.
  7. Circa Survive 03.03.11 San Diego, CA @ Soma

    Just bought my tickets. See you there Marc-ee poo.
  8. Super Bowl XLV

    ^I giggled
  9. Super Bowl XLV

    I want to go for the Packers... because everyone on That 70s Show would say to do it. But, they're the Bears rivals... I don't even give a fuck about the Steelers. Ho hum.
  10. Circa Survive 03.03.11 San Diego, CA @ Soma

    I might go to this show too. :D
  11. Circa Survive supporting My Chemical Romance on North American Tour

    I'm planning on going to the Vegas date. Kind of a funny story. I recently started dating this guy who's favorite band is MCR. Within the first week of talking to him I found out about this tour. Kind of creepy. Hahahhaha. We're planning on taking over the universe together now.
  12. Blue Sky Noise > Juturna > On Letting Go, imho I just like to see how much they have matured and added more dynamics since the beginning.
  13. UGH! SB was crazy. Me and my friend ended up in the back right hand corner. We just slow danced through all of Circa's set.
  14. Going to the SB show tomorrow! Pretty pumped. Anyone else coming?
  15. I bought tickets for the San Bernardino show.