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  1. circa hasn't been by jax since 07 or 08 so i was pretty stoked to hear about this. tix bought a week ago, looks like some diff cities got recognized this time. will be my third time seeing MTB \o/
  2. Girls

    and motherfuckers act like they forgot about gab
  3. Colin Frangicetto Appreciation Thread

    bumping this so hard have a lot of respect for this guy. he's very genuine and his art has inspired me to express myself through art, no matter the outcome. because every outcome can be beautiful also, before i was hospitalized in january and had a suicide threat, he left me a comment and gave me a few kind words that made me feel a lot better about things when i returned. out of everybody to pay attention to on fb, he gave me a moment of his time, a complete stranger, and that is wonderful. gives me hope and makes me feel okay about being me
  4. Girls

    oh that came off really badly, wow. sorry for sounding/being a bitch. around that time everybody had a huge hard-on for maiken though. she was like the board goddess and i was surprised since not many people knew you back then
  5. Exercise

    personally, i exercise several times a week, i try for least 3 or 4 days out of the week. all cardio y tu?
  6. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    there are a lot of intelligent people on this board that love you among all of these type of posts, me being one of them! you guys are as genuine as they come and no matter how many ways i can interpret the music, i hear the same thing: music created by a group of guys, doing what they do and loving it while they do it. honestly, i think people that don't understand your later releases don't understand music in general. juturna is easy to like because it is darker in mood and stays centered around introspective themes but the music you guys created after that is much more of an experimental walk through the psyche, different moods and sounds everywhere. i appreciate you guys for that.




    well i meant like, the autoplay will always affect the page in one way or another. there's no 'sometimes' about it; it will affect it either negatively or positively yanno

    only sometimes the entire page? hahahaha marc

    lol i put the option there cause some other boardies coined it, not me

    maybe i'm bored and am making this poll for the sole excuse to say that i made at least one poll on this board BUT here is the showdown of the current circaboard era! where do we stand?!
  14. Girls

    how cassie got more votes than maiken on the first poll, i don't know also, sarah w is really pretty. fu voters
  15. iTunes Album Review

    it appears that you can consider yourself an accomplished writer if you write a single paragraph, complete with sentences/ clusterfucks of random adjectives smashed together, useless namedropping, some mention of an "appropriate" audience and bullshitted track descriptions. that was one of the worst reviews i've ever read.