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  1. New iPod.

    I want a 160GB Black one, but 80GB if I can't end up affording the 160. Won't be getting one for the next few months anyways.
  2. Circa tats.

    Damn, I love that tattoo Geno, its pretty sweet.
  3. Circa tats.

    Yeah, I was thinking I'd prolly go for the font that On Letting Go's cover has. Might go for the scriptina like Geno's too.
  4. Circa tats.

    Hahaha that would be sweet too. Maybe I'll get both, one on each arm or something.
  5. Circa tats.

    I'm planning on getting "Speak So Softly" tattooed on my arm or shoulders eventually.
  6. The ideal line-up thread

    I'm gonna add TREOS to my list, so now its: Circa Survive Minus the Bear Idiot Pilot Portugal. The Man TREOS
  7. which new iPod Will you Get?

    You forgot the new Nano I'll prolly get the iPod Classic, 160 GB of music has my name all over it. I have a 30 GB video one at the moment, filled up completely. But, if the the touch came in a 30 or maybe 60 GB size, I may be tempted to get it.
  8. Seasons change

    Autumn Winter
  9. Almost up!

    Damn, that was a great cover. Haven't watched the other two yet though.
  10. Circa Survive Interview

    That was a sweet interview haha
  11. PAST TOUR: 10/10/07 - 11/25/07

    Awesome, there's not a show that isn't a four hour drive for me. This fucking sucks, guess I won't be seeing Circa this year.
  12. PAST TOUR: 10/10/07 - 11/25/07

    I'm hoping for a show in Cinci!
  13. The ideal line-up thread

    Circa Survive Minus the Bear Idiot Pilot Portugal. The Man