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  1. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    oh and i almost forgot to say how much i loved dear and the headlights i bought their album when i heard they were on the tour, and i really like it never expected them to be soo good live. they were awesome and i slept during ours, and almost shot myself during fear before the march of the flames. there were some assholes around me chanting for circa in the middle of ours playing, and i saw something get thrown on stage, that was it i toook one of the free ours samplers at the merch section i dont really plan on listening to it
  2. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    i took some pictures. a lot of them came out bad. i borrowed my friends camera, and the quality isnt that good. but here are some of my favorite ones the only thing separating me and the barricade was one girl, so i was pretty close it was awesome
  3. Circa tats.

    all your guys tats are so ill sad to say, but id get kicked out of my house if i ever got one
  4. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    this is going to be my first circa concert im sooooo excited i hope i could actually meet them, if not ill still be happy. im just happy i'm going
  5. The ideal line-up thread

    hell yeah yo that would be so sick
  6. Circa Survive - Merch

    haha i have like nothing compared to most of you guys i have 1 copy of juturna, 1 copy of on letting go, and a shirt (the one with pegasus thing on it)
  7. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    CHYEAAAHHH SON yo im mad excited
  8. Kanye West vs 50 Cent

    very true
  9. Kanye West vs 50 Cent

    I just bought both, even though I hate 50 Cent, but i had a couple extra dollars so i got it. Kanye's CD is soooo much better.
  10. Kanye West vs 50 Cent

    Even though my true love is rock music, I still like rap/ hip-hop (I had my obsession in 7th grade). Two of today's biggest rappers, Kanye West and 50 Cent are releasing albums today (Sept 11, 2007). I was wondering what everyone else thought about it, and which CD they'd rather buy or just give a listen to. Vote on.
  11. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    oh then thats a relief
  12. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    my tickets just came home the other day, and just realized you have to be 16 to get in and im only 15, no big deal i hope