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  1. Circa Survive Equipment

  2. The bet of the century

    Derek. My lover.
  3. PC vs. Mac

    Listen. I am the law. I own both Apple products (Ipod, Macbook, etc.), and I own PC gear and stuff (Windows Vista PC, Linux PC, A pile of trash). If you dare to think that any PC is higher quality, higher performance, and all out better than a mac, you deserve to lose your hearing. If you enjoy doing things like photoshop, or watching movies on a PC over a Mac, you deserve to lose your hearing. If you just plain out haven't tried an Apple product, you need to get your shit together. You need to go down to the Mac store and try out a damn Iphone. All of Apple's products are well made, and out perform PC's. You can quote me and put different words in my mouth like some dude did to me on the TREOS form, you'll get the same response. Macs are just plain out better than PC's, stop your comparing, it's a fact. You get what you pay for. Whom ever started this is a fuckin' twat and should get their brain lobotomized.
  4. Voodoo Fest '07

    I might fly down, just to see this.
  5. PAST TOUR: 10/10/07 - 11/25/07

    I will probably be going to this.
  6. myspace secret show

    Job For A Cowboy is sick!
  7. Met Circa?

    I met them at warped. Pretty cool dudes.
  8. American Idol.

    Obviously you've never seen this... http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ab8RLCo1y-k
  9. Myspace

    Woo promotion!!
  10. 5/31 Looney Tunes-Instore Performance/Signing

    I might go to this.
  11. Dave's Review of the new Circa Survive Album..On Letting Go: First off, I'd like to clarify, it is a good album. I have to admit I was expecting a lot more. I don't think this album is that dynamic, and I become very bored, very fast. All of the songs kinda have the same tempo, and structure. The most stand out song to me on the album is "Semi Constructive Criticism". It's a good cd, but I wont be listening through this one 15+ times like I did The Dear Hunter album. Just keep in mind, this is the "circa sound" and basically, they don't have a story based CD like TREOS and TDH have. It's more of, they set a "mood" with this cd. Whatever. It's pretty good, but I don't think this will be the best of 07.
  12. PAST TOUR: Warped Tour 6/29-8/25

    Yeah it is