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  1. Calm down, sweets. The East always gets mad love too. You guys get mini-tours and live sneaks of new jams before the records are released. And Ant tours up and down the East and Mid-West for his solo stuff often. As Sarah said, San Jose is more north. It may also be the better bet. There's an airport and you wouldn't have to drive much if at all. Some more pros/cons: Santa Cruz is beautiful. You'd have to find a way into the actual city though. The venue is a theater with open floor space as well as theater seating further back. All general admission. Pretty good sound. It's about an hour from San Jose. More scenic if you want to take in some sights. San Jose's venue is a typical club/bar. All shows are 21+. Its kind of divey. A third of the capacity of the SC show probably. Decent sound.
  2. Circa Survive w/ The Deftones & Baroness

    This is going to be grand.
  3. Circa Survive w/ Coheed and Cambria & Torche

    Missed out on the SF show because I was dying. But went on a whim to the Sac show last night which was actually a headlining one off and it was amazing.
  4. Would you ever consider..

    No. But then again I would probably not pay to see Brand New live again. They seem so detached when they play now, it's really disappointing.
  5. Circa tats.

    ...that's my tat.
  6. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    has anyone actually heard these though? or is this all here say?
  7. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    What are these clips about? I don't feel like sifting through 20 pages of this thread.
  8. This is the only beating I'll be doing.
  9. Leak Posts

    So, I've heard from a non-bias (meaning no connections to the band, not a prior "fan") source that this record is amazing.I'm surprised, and glad, it hasn't leaked yet.
  10. Circa Survive w/ Coheed and Cambria & Torche

    TITS 2k10! I'll be at that show too. Payed 38 for mine I think with fees and everything.
  11. Circa Survive & Anthony Green: Vinyl Discography

    Geno, when you frame them do you take the plastic off/open them? (I just realized how dumb this sounds but I still haven't opened the original Juturna vinyl) I'm still debating myself on what exactly I want to do.
  12. east bay. i will travel to one of the east coast dates someday. when my wallet is thicker. hugs
  13. Kind of upset this isn't even coming to CA. I need a GOW fix and they're ignoring the northern part of California.
  14. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    I'm getting it done right now! BOOYAH!